Ship a Tesla to Europe

Ship a Tesla to Europe

I currently live in the US. What if I buy a Tesla here and then transfer back home (Italy) and I want to ship it overseas to use it in my country. Can I do that? Do I have to pay any fees?

JayInJapan | 21. Januar 2019

Your car will not be compatible:
No supercharging
No service at the service center
No 3G/LTE data connection
Nor a host of other benefits

paul | 22. Januar 2019

I am taking delivery of one of the first European 3s in March to Switzerland. There is a supercharging network through much of Europe. For Italy check google on this, Likewise with service centres - Switzerland has a number. Internet conductivity should be fine - it is in Switzerland.
The only problem with a US spec 3 is the radio. Swiss Model 3s will have DAB+ not sure how this works in Italy.
Also how strict the Italian authorities are on imports - the Model 3 will be one of the first they have seen....

ODWms | 22. Januar 2019

Italy has about 20 supercharger stations throughout, with a plan of doubling that within the next year according to their supercharger locations map.

Kathy Applebaum | 22. Januar 2019

@ODWms The US cars are not compatible with the European superchargers. Check out YYX's European trip for confirmation of the issues he had with a US Model 3 in Europe.

jordanrichard | 22. Januar 2019

Ya, this is where an ICE has an advantage over an EV. A gas car form the U.S. can run on the gas in Europe or anywhere else with no modifications. Though in the big picture, this is a non issue because the number of people shipping cars from the U.S. to other countries is soooo miniscule.

aurali | 22. Januar 2019

Didn't a guy bring his US spec model 3 to europe, and run into a bunch of issues (maps, no service infrastructure.. etc)

dbatty | 22. Januar 2019

I looked into this question when considering an overseas move. As others already pointed out you'll have major charging issues. You'll also have to change out some lights and other equipment to make the car compatible with European standards. All in all, you're probably better off selling your Tesla here and buying one there.

El Mirio | 22. Januar 2019

Tesla might be able to sell you a European version here in the U.S. and then you ship it as personal effects to Europe, this would allow you to circumvent VAT and Duties (personal effects are exempt), should save you $20 to 30k easy

HOWEVER you have to have owned the car at least for 1 year (check with a customs broker), not sure whether it had to be registered in the U.S., if so this might be an issue.

CST | 22. Januar 2019

So, what would he drive in till he ends up back in Italy?

paul | 23. Januar 2019

Yes European electricity is so different from the American version...

kevin_rf | 23. Januar 2019

I doubt 50hz vs. 60hz would be a major issue. We already know Tesla's can take a wide voltage input range. Often power supplies like that are designed to do both 50hz and 60hz. That way you only have to design one supply.

It's the other factors, like supercharging, maps, and service that will be the bigger issue.

CST | 23. Januar 2019

Yeah but in Europe, the connectors are much different. Try to use a CCM connector on a US Tesla.

CST | 23. Januar 2019

CCS... Sorry

kevin_rf | 23. Januar 2019

CCS for DC fast charging is DC, 0 Hz...

That said, it gives us all hope that on this side of the pond that they will release a CCS adapter.