LTE Connection

LTE Connection

I have been loosing my LTE connection. Anyone experience the same thing and how to get the conenctionback up?

terry.k.morrow | 22. Januar 2019

I have including in areas where it’s full bars normally.
Seems to me related to when car goes into very deep sleep (I think that’s also contributing to not being able to wake car up with app) and perhaps it is related to extreme cold temps (single digits or below) but that might be coincidence. The 2018.50 update might also contribute or be coincidence.
What happens to me is I get in to drive and notice immediately no LTE and it doesn’t correct within. Lille minutes / miles where I know for sure there is strong signal.
To fix, I reboot by holding both scroll wheels until screen goes black, keep holding until Tesla logo comes on. Sometimes takes 30 seconds.
After the reboot I’ve gotten my signal back within another 20-30 seconds.

rkalbiarEV | 22. Januar 2019

Mine do that too from time to time. Usually only a few minutes but still annoying. I think you have to just wait. If it is a long term problem, contact service.

johnw | 22. Januar 2019

One tip- you can use your phone to run the car's systems via wifi.

- Connect your phone to the car.

- Put the car in drive

- press the brake until 'hold' appears

- reconnect the phone as your hot spot

I haven't tried this recently but back in October, if you had a wifi connection, the car would drop the wifi as soon as you put it in drive. By reconnecting via the brake hold you trick the car into use your phone's connection even while driving.

terry.k.morrow | 22. Januar 2019

At this point, once the car has been sitting for an hour or more, I'm not able to wake it up via app. I've observed that at some point during the sleep, I've lost LTE connection completely. I've had to reboot 3 of my last 3 times getting in after its been sitting for couple hours. Perhaps I will try contacting service.

coselectric | 23. Januar 2019

@johnw, cool trick, thanks for sharing. I have occasionally wondered if you could use your phone's hotspot to provide data to the car while driving.