New 2018 LR RWD vs 2019 LR AWD

New 2018 LR RWD vs 2019 LR AWD

I wanted a LR RWD but didn't have the means to purchase til recently. I will soon have the funds and found there are still some LR RWD cars available. My dilemma: buy the 2018 RWD with a "low VIN" (around 75,XXX) or an AWD with a much "higher" VIN (200,XXX) for several $K more. Presumably a much higher VIN corresponds to a much more recent build date which I would think in general corresponds to better build quality (not to mention a car sitting in a lot for weeks versus one in a lot for potentially 6+ months). The greater acceleration/handling of the AWD is not a factor. Anyone see any negatives in going with the much lower VIN RWD if any are still available in 3-4 weeks?

Mike UpNorth | 22. Januar 2019

I would get the LR RWD if I were you. 75k isn't a low VIN IMO
And if the additional speed/traction isn't a factor - the RWD seem to have much better range.
Save the $ and do some fun mods :)

rkalbiarEV | 22. Januar 2019

You sound like an RWD candidate to me.

posinator | 22. Januar 2019

Love my RWD, dont miss AWD (even in recent blizzards) as much as I thought i would... Early VIN lol mine is 16xxx.

12Brent | 22. Januar 2019

I have a LR RWD with a VIN below 15,000 and I love it. It seems clear that the range is a lot better on the RWD after looking at efficiency threads on this forum. I drove a friends dual motor and I couldn't really tell much difference in the acceleration. I live in Colorado and the RWD does just fine in the snow.

lumberjack | 22. Januar 2019

Why not an MR? Higher VIN and cheaper.

Tuning In | 22. Januar 2019

Do a detailed inspection. Seems like there were a lot of comments that remaining LR RWD in the last few months were customer rejects and reconditioned with likely repaint needed.

12Brent | 22. Januar 2019

That seems very plausible @Tuning In... good advice.

burdogg | 22. Januar 2019

12Brent - you been finding everything good in the snow with your RWD? I have noticed going up some of our steep hills, it isn't as solid or sure foot as our AWD Model S.

I have been debating selling and getting the AWD - maybe I could sell my used RWD Vin 66xx with 8700 miles on it for $40,000 :) (black, 18" aero wheels, no EAP). That is $9,000 less than what I paid in March. Get the benefit of a very low VIN (One day may mean something) AND it has been a stellar car for us so far...

Checking with Tesla right now to see what they would offer for it - still have a hard time giving it up though as I love the car - so not sure we will make the trade for the AWD. Just curious if you noticed any little funny business in the snow (It feels a touch squirrely to me in some of the recent snows we have had)

Tuning In | 22. Januar 2019

Re: LR vs MR,

faster car, faster charging and goes further and better battery warranty.

You might even get the upfront difference back on the backend when you sell.

2015P90DI | 22. Januar 2019

Wouldn't worry about if the car was sitting. If it has a 75K VIN, it hasn't been sitting that long. They made the RWD up until just a few weeks ago.

My personal preference is the RWD because it gets more range than the AWD in real world driving. Tesla advertises the same number, but actual tests have revealed more range from the RWD.

Unless you're in a cold weather climate and AWD would be beneficial to your safety, and since you stated that the quicker acceleration is not important to you, then why carry around that extra weight and ultimately pay more for energy? Given, the amount will be minimal, but add that into the price of the car being higher as well.....

Just be sure to look over the car closely at delivery, as you should with any car, to check for any flaws.

As others have noted, if range isn't critical to you and you don't do much long distance travel, then a MR version might be a better option yet, certainly cheaper than the LR RWD or AWD. So if cost is a factor, something to consider. If range is important, the RWD LR is the longest range Tesla made, again based on actual real world testing. It beats the Model S 100D.

No matter which you choose, you'll enjoy it.

gcklo | 22. Januar 2019

A while back you can still order MR RWD online and then call Tesla to switch to LR RWD. It is an off-menu configuration.

I don't know if Tesla still allows you to do that. If you have any range anxiety at all, LR RWD is the best for you.

ST70 | 22. Januar 2019

If you want to be a happier camper then get a used S with free supercharging....more room for camping and free charging between campgrounds

ODWms | 23. Januar 2019

I live in central Florida, where a 50 degree day to us is “freezing cold,” and I still ordered an AWD. The power, handling benefits and faster 0-60 time attracted me.

Tuning In | 23. Januar 2019

I would disagree that they’ve been making the LR RWD up until a few weeks ago. If they were, LR vins that we’re being delivered would be up at the same numbers as MR. MR’s and LR’s share the same pool of vin numbers.

TAC | 23. Januar 2019

My LR-RWD is fin #101XXX and was born Oct 21st. So likely that older vin you are talking about is still a Q4 car. I absolutely love my LRRWD its an efficient bullet. And the take off from say when your going 35 - 45mph is just nutz!

vmulla | 23. Januar 2019

+1 lumberjack,
I've been recommending MR RWD for anyone who won't mind longer wait at the SC. If you only take road trips occasionally, or if your road trips are less than 6hrs there is a strong case to be made for MR RWD.

Tuning In | 23. Januar 2019

Model 3 drivers are an interesting mixed batch. You have people who came from high horsepower vehicles and you have ones that came from Priuses. I do agree that they hypermiling Prius driver would see no benefit from paying extra for the LR.

vmulla | 23. Januar 2019

+1 tuningin,

My pitch for starting off at the lower end of Tesla live up is simple - Does the car have enough range to be a good daily driver? and does the car have everything it needs to make a cross country trip? If yes, I'll start with that car and ask questions what more they would like in a car.

A guy bought a Model X after our discussion, but the discussion started with a LR RWD 3 (MR wasn't available then)

Someone could do the exact opposite of what I do and get the same results, I just try to avoid the sticker shock as much as possible.

12Brent | 23. Januar 2019

@burrdog, I've been plenty happy with the RWD snow performance. I only drove it once in the snow without snow tires and I thought it did pretty well with the standard tires that came on the care. However, I did get a second set of wheels with snow tires mounted and I've been more than comfortable with this setup. It will slip out and engage traction control if I accelerate too quickly but compared to any other non-AWD car I've driven it does amazingly well. Personally I'm happy I didn't get Dual Motors because the range appears to be better without it and it gave me an excuse to buy some turbine wheels, which I love. :)

ADinM3 | 23. Januar 2019

I have a LR Rwd 18" Aeros and have been very, very happy with it, but I do wonder if I would be getting much better tire tread life with an AWD.

I certainly enjoy spirited driving and will tone it down some for my second set of tires, but I currently only have 13k miles and the tires will be very, very lucky to see 20k.

I suspect the distribution of torque to 4 wheels instead of 2 would greatly improved tread wear. Even losing 10k tread life on each $600-700 set of tires will eat up any energy saving.

terry.k.morrow | 23. Januar 2019

Loving my P3D+.
It was stretch buy for me in some respects. But no regrets. Got winter tires /wheels this week (discount tire did homework for me and got some 18” to fit around big brake caliper on the P+ that comes with 20” stock), and so far in this crazy Michigan weather with snow and freezing rain and ice and sun zero weather, I’m as happy as I’ve ever been with Audi Quattro or BMW x drive or Infiniti X AWD.
The system is terrific at handling slippery roads. Tires however, like all systems, are key.
My advice, if you can swing the AWD and get dedicated winters, do it.
If you can’t, then go RWD with dedicated winters.
I’m assuming this is hard decision because you’ll face real winter driving. Otherwise my advice might be different.
Whatever you decide, enjoy. This car is so much fu it’s hard to describe.

rxlawdude | 23. Januar 2019

What's always seemed odd to me is that the 3D is less efficient than the S/X Ds. For the latter, Tesla claimed this benefit was due to "torque sleep" on one of the two motors that would optimize traction but allow the "best" ratio of front/rear motors.

Why is this not the case with the AWD 3s? Maybe @TeslaTap can weigh in.