Who is planning to order a Tesla? Here is a free charger.

Who is planning to order a Tesla? Here is a free charger.

I have one referral on my account. Next referral gets me a free charger If anyone ordering a Tesla for themselves. First come first serve. Let me know and I can give you my link.

bruhling2 | 22. Januar 2019

I am planning to order within the next several days.

abush121 | 22. Januar 2019

Trying to help a friend get his 2nd referral. Feel free to use his code.

kevin_rf | 23. Januar 2019

Trying to find a useful code, Domino's had great referral codes

eldarchik | 23. Januar 2019

Bruhling2 here-

Let's arrange how you want me to send the charger. Give me your contact info.

lilbean | 23. Januar 2019

Wow. Didn't realize this was a douche thread.

andy.connor.e | 23. Januar 2019

Maybe this is why people are getting so pissed. Because they arent getting any more free sh1t for spending money. Where is Bernie when you need him?

CST | 23. Januar 2019

Flagged! Idiots!!!

Gadge | 23. Januar 2019

If anyone is planning to buy a Tesla no later than February 1st and would like free supercharging for 6 months, please consider using my referral code...marc24203. Thank you.

gtbuzz | 23. Januar 2019

There's a reason referral links aren't allowed.... Because then every d bag throws their hat into the ring. Have some common decency people, hopefully this thread will be deleted soon.

Halbach | 23. Januar 2019

If I read this correctly, the guy is offering to give away a Tesla wall connector...not sure why people have a problem with that. Seems very generous. Although be aware that the free connectors have been on backorder for awhile.

bernard.holbrook | 23. Januar 2019

Bernie? Hey Andy, which Bernie?

bruhling2 | 23. Januar 2019

eldarchik, you can contact me at

lbowroom | 23. Januar 2019

They are shipping again. Got mine a couple weeks ago

Tuning In | 24. Januar 2019

Must suck that when your dignity can be had for a trivial amount of money.

andy.connor.e | 24. Januar 2019


Sanders! You know, the one giving away free sh1t.