I may have jinxed my tire.

I may have jinxed my tire.

After all this tire talk, today my car yelled at me saying my rear tire was at 30 psi, down from 42 the day before. Seems I hit something on the drive home last night and had a slow leak overnight :( I filled up and we'll see what it looks like after work, but what's next step you think? Call roadside assist and let them deal?

PS Car's a lemon, tires should be impenetrable. /s

AZTesla | 23. Januar 2019

I hope reading your post doesn't jinx me, too.

vmulla | 23. Januar 2019

Same thing for me. It happened on the coldest night of the season, and when I had passengers.

Tire pressure went from 41 -> 38 on one tire, I thought it was just the cold weather and waited for the other tires to register the same pressure. Next thing I saw was 'tire pressure low. pull over safely' message. Psi was at 6.

It was a nice shiny screw :( I was able to inflate the tire and drove slowly it to a place that could get it plugged. I wasn't doing anything myself in those temps, it was too cold and dangerous.

No more jack rabbit starts for me on that plugged tire :(

Cactusone | 23. Januar 2019

One of the best things I did was but “Tire Warranty” from Discount tire. Paid $275 to insure the tires..Maybe its not too late for you..

Cactusone | 23. Januar 2019

*buy” not but...sorry just had a colonoscopy..

vmulla | 23. Januar 2019

I got the tires from Costco, warranty was built into the purchase.
Free tire rotations are a nice bonus.

jvcesare | 23. Januar 2019

Instead of Roadside Assistance you should take it in for repairs. I had to use RA after a blowout a few months back. At that time they had no spare tires available for the M3 and it required a tow.