Software update took 2 attempts to install

Software update took 2 attempts to install

Last night my wife’s Model 3 received a software update notification, so I initiated the installation from the mobile app. This morning I noticed there was no software update complete notification, so I opened the app to check the version, and was surprised to see it hadn’t been updated (still on version 2018.48.12.1) and the software update was still pending, scheduled for the time last night when I started installation.

I started it again this morning (from the app), and about 20 minutes later went out to the car to see if anything was happening, and saw that the update (to 2018.50.6) had completed and the release notes were on screen. Around the same time I checked I received the software update complete notification. I didn’t notice anything new in the release notes.

I’ve been a Tesla owner for almost 3 years and never had this happen before. Of course, initiating updates from the mobile app is a fairly new feature, which I’ve only used a couple of times. Since I didn’t check in the car last night, it’s possible the update actually happened the first time but the app didn’t get the message, but there’s no way to know. I’m pretty sure I didn’t accidentally cancel the update the first time I started it, and if I had I would have expected a notification about it being cancelled.

Had this happened to anyone else?

wiboater4 | 23. Januar 2019

I did have one update that didn't go the first time but it was ok the second. I think I did something with my phone after starting it that goofed it up the first time.

neylus | 23. Januar 2019

This is the first update that I haven't got the app notification but it was there on my screen this morning - had to decline and schedule for tonight.