Question regarding entry height in Model 3 vs. Model S

Question regarding entry height in Model 3 vs. Model S

Hi guys,

I have a question regarding the height of the car when entering it.

So a couple of days ago, me and my wife took a trip to a Model 3 showroom where it was possible to just view the car (no driving).

Since we are looking for a new car, I had really looked forward to seeing the Model 3, and of course getting to sit inside and have a feel of it.

To my big heartache my wife felt it was too low to get inside, like she felt she needed to squat just to get in.
(She is 187 cm tall, and I’m not gonna lie she’s also quite big in proportions lol)

So my question is, do anyone have any actual measurements from ground to the seat?
And has anyone any comparisons between the Model 3 and the Model S?

We are living in Denmark (Europe) so we have only received the first Model 3 two weeks ago, and only view and sit inside..

Current car is a Suzuki Swift 2009.

Hope to hear from you.
Really need your help.

coleAK | 23. Januar 2019

Sorry don’t have measurements. But we had a S for 4 years then got a model 3. There was a 4 month gap between selling the S and getting the 3. Between the 2 cars the 3 is deffinetly smaller, I would guess not that much lower but deffinetly narrower seating. Onother thing the S was quite large. It was within 5cm as long as our 200 Toyota Land Cruiser. I would say it’s like comparing a BMW 3 to an Audi A8.

ODWms | 23. Januar 2019

Interestingly, the Model S and Model 3 Teslas are listed dead even height, at 57 inches. The BMW 340i comes in at 56.5, and the Audi A8 is listed at 58.5. thats not an insignificant height difference in the car world.

Model 3 57
Model s 57
340i 56.5
Audi A8 58.5

burdogg | 23. Januar 2019

I have both - and personally I feel getting into the Model S you have to squat a little more - whereas the 3 was a little easier - so I would be careful getting an S thinking getting in would be easier. The headroom is different in the 3 vs the S. I will retest here sometime back to back getting into both - my problem is I have gotten so used to how to get into the S that my body is trained so hard to tell the difference now. But in 2015 when I first got it - I had to change how I got in vs my Nissan Altima.

msmith55 | 23. Januar 2019

You want a model Y

RedPillSucks | 23. Januar 2019

Note also that the seating adjustments allow you to raise the seat. I don't know by how much though, but I suspect it would make a difference.

burdogg | 23. Januar 2019

I thought that too RedPillSucks - but one thing I remember with the S - it had nothing to do with the seat, but the height of the top door clearance from the ground. Have to duck a little or some such (can't think of the right movement) more than I did in my Altima. It seems like I don't have to do that same movement to get into the 3. So maybe OP it would work better if the seat were raised higher??? But I don't think raising the seat in the S would solve the problem :) Those are just my thoughts, have to do tests to actually confirm.