Still no plates/registration after 11 weeks

Still no plates/registration after 11 weeks

Is this normal? I'm in Texas and I know it takes awhile, but I was told over a month ago by my Tesla delivery adviser that it should be coming any day. I also haven't received my title which is what really bothers me.

jimglas | 25. Januar 2019

When mine didn't arrive I called the SC and they sent my temps for another 2 months

ericsackler | 25. Januar 2019

I'm in CA. It's been ten weeks so far for me. At first Tesla told me they did not send the paperwork to the DMV because they never received my first payment - which I made when I picked up the car. Once I sent them proof that I made that first payment, they said that it will be taken care of. A week later nothing happened so I called back and after many attempts, we got a hold of someone who researched it. They confirmed they received my email proving that it was paid, but someone did not upload it to the system, which caused further delays. Anyways, I'm still waiting...

blue adept | 26. Januar 2019

Isn't that a matter best handled by your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)?

jonathanbmcd | 26. Januar 2019

"Isn't that a matter best handled by your local DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)?"

Not for new sales in Texas for Tesla. It seems all I had to do is ask the question on here because the plates arrived a few hours after I posted. Just waiting on the Title which I hope will come soon without me having to intervene. (No, I don't have a lien on the car! :) )

ericsackler | 27. Januar 2019

Mine arrived as well. Took 10 weeks. In my case it was just something that was mishandled on Tesla's end. All good now.

Finkle | 28. Januar 2019

@ericsackler, i have exactly the same issue as you, Tesla claim they didn't received the down payment, i emailed them my bank statement and transaction number, date and time it was charged and said its still being investigated. I've emailed their team ( Draper, UT Auto Billing and Collection Specialist ) and yet has not given any information or update status. Picked up my M3P Dec.7 and i'll give them one more week till i call.

nishanikadidal | 04. März 2019

This seems to be a common problem with Tesla. i got my car delivered in Dec-18 and still no number plates. Called DMV and they haven't received any papers from Tesla. Tried talking to tesla support/delivery team they keep bouncing us from one to other without any resolution. Don't know how to get this resolved.