Windscreen washer hose has popped off

Windscreen washer hose has popped off

This morning was very cold and the windscreen washer nozzles must have frozen. When I tried to jet the windscreen, the pressure appears to have popped the hose off.

I can trace it easily to the hose coming from the bonnet into the engine bay, but only about 25cm of the hose goes into the chassis. How do I get to whatever it’s meant to be connected to and reattach it? Is this an easy job?

It’s a late 2014 Model S, RHD. I was very surprised at how easy it was to remove the plastic under the bonnet - but still can’t see what I’m meant to reconnect it to.

EVRider | 31. Januar 2019

Are you trying to fix it yourself because you’re not near a service center?

SoCal Buzz | 31. Januar 2019

I think the connection is just behind the alternator in the engine bay :)

DanFoster1 | 31. Januar 2019

Watch Rich on YouTube remove the frunk tub!

booshtukka | 01. Februar 2019

Yes, I’m an hour and a half from a service centre and not clear if they’ll charge to fix it.

It looks like a hug PITA to replace the tube. I need to remove a wheel and the wheel liner. I’ll have to take it in.

booshtukka | 01. Februar 2019


EVRider | 01. Februar 2019

@ak: Maybe they can send a mobile service tech to fix it at your home.

booshtukka | 01. Februar 2019

@EVRider - you're right. They're sending someone here (which they've never done in London for me before). It's over an hour's drive. I'm impressed!

booshtukka | 01. Februar 2019

And it was free. Ten points.

Silver2K | 01. Februar 2019

The other side is on driver side wheel well. If you're facing the wheel it's on the right side. Once you remove the wheel well cover you will see it

Silver2K | 01. Februar 2019

Sorry forgot...

Remove the black tabs and peel back the wheel well cover right side bottom