Tesla Certified Pre Owned Process (noise issues)

Tesla Certified Pre Owned Process (noise issues)

I picked up my Certified Pre Owned Model S last Tuesday from Tesla. I could never afford a brand new and did not want a model 3 so that’s why I went with the only viable option, a used model S. Car comes with 50k or 4 years of warranty. 2015, 32K miles, normal wear and tear on the car, definitely feels like the previous owner (3 year personal lease) could’ve taken a better care. You don’t get to test drive used Tesla, only can see photos.

After finally taking the deliver of the vehicle at around 8 pm ish (appointment was at 5:30 but they had to replace part of the battery, 12 volt?, 4 tires, software factory reset, etc.)
and on my way home I hear a very weird and loud noise at speeds of 60+ miles and higher. Below 60 miles no abnormal sound. Did some research and the only closely matching issues I found was motor whining/miling sound, thumping during acceleration, etc.

Took the vehicle to Tesla Service Center, and they did a road test with me and the technician definitely agreed to the noise, he called it a humming noise. The car has been at the service center for a few days now and today I was informed it’s an issue with wheel bearings and some parts need to be ordered and at least one more week! While very happy and appreciative of the service center’s service, my only question (concern) is:

The used Model S vehicles are advertised as free of mechanical or other major issues, the 70 point multi point inspection, etc. to make them certified, is this not considered a major issue? Any input is greatly appreciated.

jordanrichard | 05. Februar 2019

First, congrats on getting your car and welcome to the future. You're going to like it here.....

Second, it helps us help you if you told us which car you have. While I read your account of things, the moment you said humming noises at about 60 mph, I thought DU, but then you said they told you wheel bearings. There was a design issue with the earlier DUs that caused a humming/milling noise. Since you didn't say which car you have, this may or may not apply.

s1156335 | 05. Februar 2019

Thank you ... I have a Model S 70 ... Rear Wheel Drive... manufactured in 11/2015

EVRider | 05. Februar 2019

Tesla doesn't certify used cars anymore (they used to). They still say they do the 70-point inspection, but I don't see any statement that says the vehicle will be "free of mechanical or other major issues" -- where did you see that?

nursedave8 | 07. Februar 2019

Mine was delivered in Dec with the super charging not working and ended up spending a week in the shop getting some major charging component replaced. I have no idea what 70 things they look at, but they obviously miss some major things.

ktslab | 08. Februar 2019


and Tesla will take care of this for you.

since nobody knows what that 70 points inspection includes, I can only speculate the noise above 60 miles is not something they can catch during the 70 points inspection.

I, too, thought about DU first.

s1156335 | 10. Februar 2019

Thank you all for your comments.

I got the car back, they replaced the wheel bearings with bunch of other parts but the noise is still there. Car is extremely quiet below 60 (I have driven other Model Ss) but as soon as you hit 60 and up this weird humming noise comes from bottom of the car but it’s not one spot it just kinda circulates inside the cabin from below the car. It’s not the tire or wind type of noise, etc. it sounds like some mechanical components underneath the car at higher speed make this sound... no vibration in steering wheel so I think the alignment and balance is fine even though not sure if there is such a concept in Tesla vehicle...

So taking the car back again this Friday for the same issue. Overall loving the car and Tesla’s servuce center treat you well I hope they can get to the bottom of it this time. | 10. Februar 2019

Perhaps I missed it but is this a refreshed version or classic (with the oval black face)? I've heard of owners of the refreshed S having some strange vibrations when the front licence plate holder came detached from the bumper (but still attached with bottom screws). At higher speeds it would vibrate and make noise. Easy to check to see if the adhesive is attached by pulling away from the car at the top of the plate. It shouldn't be loose at all. The adhesive is very strong normally. Of course if you don't have the plate holder attached, that's not the issue.

s1156335 | 10. Februar 2019

Classic front ... no license plat in front

jonhgaarg | 15. April 2019

In my experience, I can say that certifying used models is not a problem. I before certification used vehicle inspection app , revealed and eliminated all small problems which were in my car and quietly passed certification. So do not worry about it.

Jcastillo18 | 15. April 2019

No one knows what the 70 point inspection is. Some care companies have more but other cars have more parts and Tesla is simplified in that sense which makes sense why less points of inspection.