Back in August 2017 I went into a Tesla Store to look at pre-owned Model S cars. I had a deposit on a Model S back in 2014 but my wife became very sick and had to pull out. We both love the car and I promised my wife before she died that I would buy the car . Two years after her passing, (Aug 2017) I returned to the Store and with the help of one of the sales associates, we accessed the Tesla Used Car website. I found the car I wanted and told them ok this is the car. (The car was listed ford $48,000) I gave them a $1,000 deposit and was told that the car would be coming from California and should be here in NY by the end of October. I picked up my beautiful 2014 Model S Oct 27th 2017. I like some Tesla owners struggle with Range Anxiety as funny as it seems. I returned to the Tesla Store and test drove the Model 3 with over 300 mile range. In speaking with the associate, we agreeded that trading back the Model S for the Model 3 would be a good and wise decision. I was told that Tesla gives the best return value on their cars. I laughed and said great because I also have stock in the company. Pictures were taken etc and the Vin# and information were sent to the Tesla home office (used car people). They returned with their price ($28,000). Shocked and very disappointed I said that there is something wrong here. I have the car 13 months and have only driven 3,500 miles. I was told to try and sell it privately. I went on various websites Kelly Blue book, Edmunds, etc and the average for my car was $38,00 to 42,000 . I decided to take my car to a company thar buys cars to get an idea what they would give. Pictures were taken again and the Vin # was checked. At which point the man from the company told me that my car was in an accident. I was so angry and hurt by this news. Tesla never mentioned that the car was in an accident. Had I know this, I would never have bought the car. I thought now it makes sense why they were offering me only $28,000. When I saw the car fax, the car was in a front end accident on June 2017 in NJ. My deposit was in August 2017. I can only deduct that Tesla took the car back from the owner, sent it to California and had it fixed. The sales associate in NY was beside himself and told me that this has never happened. He took all the information 10 days ago and sent it up the chain to the Tesla Used car people. I am still waiting for an e-mail or something from them. I am willing to buy a Model 3 but they have to make good on the Model S. I have a friend of mine who is a NYS Retired Supreme Court judge who told me that Tesla entered into Fraud. And they must make good on this. I am not sure how much longer I will wait before I take the next step (legal). Has anyone had a similar situation? Thanks for reading Tom McCormick Long Island NY

barrykmd | 07. Februar 2019

If you make another lengthy post, please put in some line spaces between paragraphs to make it more readable. | 07. Februar 2019

You are saying that in 2017 a Tesla with front end damage was repaired in under three months? Hard to believe.

ktslab | 07. Februar 2019

I found it hard to believe that Tesla does not provide you a carfax when they sell you a used Model S.

Bill_75D | 07. Februar 2019

If it was wrecked while Tesla owned it (loaner, maybe?) they could easily be able to get parts and repair it in that amount of time.

Bighorn | 07. Februar 2019

Trade in is always low. I wouldn’t read anything into the offer.

tmaquinas | 07. Februar 2019

according to the Car Fax the accident took place in June 2017, I bought it in October 2017. No car fax was given to me in August when I put a deposit on the vehicle. The Issue is their knowledge and their not revealing it. | 07. Februar 2019

A 2014 loaner in 2017? Not likely. A lease return possibly. Why would Tesla deadhead a NJ wrecked car to California when a repair could be made in NJ albeit maybe taking longer than 2-3 months?

tmaquinas | 07. Februar 2019

I have no idea why it was sent to California. This was told to me by the associate where I purchased the car. According to the CarFax, the 1st owner had the car for 3yrs 7 mon. On June 21 2017 the Accident reported involved left front impact with another vehicle. Left front primarily damaged. It further stated that on 8/15 the title was updated and Dealer took title of the vehicle while it was in inventory. Why would they take my deposit on 8/1/2017. The car was on the Tesla used car website where I saw it.

rxlawdude | 07. Februar 2019

I believe that in 2017, the term CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED was used by Tesla. Seems they forgot to certify there was an accident and repair. :-(

Seriously, if this happened with a CPO, imagine the potential checkered history of the "used" Teslas sold off the site.

tmaquinas | 07. Februar 2019

Thank you. I will look into the Certified Pre Owned as you say came in 2017 | 07. Februar 2019

Sorry to say, I'm not sure Tesla or any used car dealer is responsible to get a carfax on a used car, look at it and disclose it. I've always assumed it is the responsibility of the buyer if they are concerned about it. Few buyers seem to be that concerned with getting a carfax on a used car, as it's not free. Even if the car was fully inspected for safety and quality by Tesla such as a CPO car, a quality repair may not show up. Tesla is also providing a warranty on the used vehicle in case there was some unseen or unknown defects, which it sounds like there isn't any issues with the repair.

I'm hopeful Tesla can provide a better deal, but they often have lower buy back prices than dealers when buying a new car. That's because dealers just mash it into the new car price that has an inflated MSRP. So you can get a $60K new car for $60K and get $25K on a trade in, or pay $55K and get $20K on the trade-in. Tesla has never operated this way. They have fixed prices on the vehicles and don't do these kind of scams.

One thing they have done in the past is if you get a Carmax quote to have Carmax buy the car, Tesla has been willing to match it. Still it's going to be less than a private party sale.

Silver2K | 07. Februar 2019 | February 7, 2019
You are saying that in 2017 a Tesla with front end damage was repaired in under three months? Hard to believe.

Only if they have rivets in stock.

Silver2K | 07. Februar 2019

They are not obligated to provide a Carfax voluntarily unless you ask for it and make your purchase contingent upon a clean Carfax.

rxlawdude | 07. Februar 2019

No, but certifying a car as CPOs were back then would lead to the expectation that a car in an accident would have been auctioned off by Tesla rather than fixed and sold as "certified."

I'd be pissed off, too. But if that happened with the latest incarnation of the used program, I totally agree that should be on the buyer.

jnguyen1976 | 07. Februar 2019

In California , Dealers are required by law to run NMVTIS or Carfax for all buyers before purchase ... Sucks that NY doesn't have the same.. Could have saved you, or you could've asked for one at the time of sale??

Silver2K | 07. Februar 2019

You should ask after deposit

thranx | 07. Februar 2019

Have bought used cars. No dealer ever voluntarily offered me a Carfax.

akikiki | 07. Februar 2019

OP what law has Tesla violated in not revealing that the car had been in a accident? And speaking about the wreck for a moment, do you have a $$ value of how damaged the front end was in the accident. Without details its as easy to believe it was a front splitter broken or nosecone shattered or worse but where's the pictures and or estimates before repairs?

Where does it say Tesla is required to provide a Carfax when asked? Maybe they will when asked and maybe they just inform the buyer to pull one.

Sorry, but I don't see where Tesla or the Sales Associate did something wrong. Certainly nothing to warrant expecting damages or considerable consideration on the purchase of another.

Used to be that if a NEW before it was first sold was damaged, it had to be reported to the buyer. But I don't remember any law that requires a seller to reveal a used car has been in an accident.

bryan.hopkins | 07. Februar 2019

I purchased a used Model S 85D from Tesla Dec. 2018. They voluntarily sent me the Carfax report on the car as soon as I placed the order. I didn’t ask for it. Wonder why there is such a discrepancy.

akikiki | 07. Februar 2019

Same sales rep? If not, that might explain the discrepancy.

advocadoss | 05. Juni 2019

Agree, you should ask deposit. By the way if you need help of lawyers i can advise you to check site of this company . They helped me once in very hard situation