Aero Wheels

Aero Wheels

Help me out with this. Is there a difference in mileage between the three different wheel/tire choices? Folks on the Forum quote a 14% mileage loss if you remove the wheel covers on the aero. The exposed wheels look awfully similar to the other 19" choice and the 20" as well.

sroh | 13. Februar 2019

I experience a slight (~3-4%) hit when I remove my aero wheel covers. No way is it 10% or more as some have indicated. I like the looks of the exposed wheels underneath the aeros. I put the aeros on only for long trips.

coleAK | 13. Februar 2019

I also took the aero covers off pretty much first thing. I think the efficiency loss with the 19 and definitely a 20 are more due To stickier tires and more rotational mass with larger wheels. Than aerodynamic inefficiency. In general smaller Rims Excelerate faster, stop shorter, and are overall more efficient.

TexasBob | 13. Februar 2019

This is the link you are seeking...

The "real" EPA range goes from 332 on a M3LR 18 w/aeros of 273 on a M3P 20". The M3MR runs from 237 to 262 depending on tires.

TexasBob | 13. Februar 2019

"to" not "of"

Frank99 | 13. Februar 2019

There have been a couple of high-quality tests of aeros on/off, and I'd suggest that the difference is between 0 and 4% - 0 to 12 miles of range - depending on whose data you trust.
There's a bigger difference between the 18" wheels and the larger wheels.