Front USB ports not charging phone—SOLVED

Front USB ports not charging phone—SOLVED

My iPhone charged fine with the rear USB ports, but would not charge at all when using the front USB docking connectors. The green battery icon would come up on the phone screen showing a successful connection, but the tiny lightning bolt in the phone’s upper right corner would not come on.

I finally figured out you need to unlock the phone for the front USB ports to engage—either before or after connecting. Even when the screen turns off after a few minutes, the phone continues to charge.

The rear USBs are simply power ports but since the front connectors are data and power ports, the phone must be unlocked for a proper connection to be made.

Frank99 | 13. Februar 2019

That must be a unique thing with your phone - what do you have? My Galaxy S6, S7, and iPhone 7 don't have this issue.

TM3Q | 13. Februar 2019


My wife has an Iphone 6 and she needs to unlock cell in order to start recharging in my front USB port. | 13. Februar 2019

Perhaps an Apple feature to reduce the ability to charge and let the battery die? Seems rather stupid feature, but encourages buying new a phone.

gene | 13. Februar 2019

It's a security feature to prevent brute force unlocking with those gray market USB devices. The USB port is disabled until the phone is properly unlocked. It's been in iOS since version 11.

ihenrypz | 13. Februar 2019

Just FYI: You can disable the feature and allow charging when locked for data usb connections.
This bit me the other day as well. Had a mostly dead phone, plugged it in and drove 1 hour..Got to my destination and still had a dead phone...
I never plug to USB that can steal my data therefore I do not need this feature.

LadyGrey | 14. Februar 2019

@ihenrypz: Thanks!