Breigtbart FAKE NEWS about Tesla

Breigtbart FAKE NEWS about Tesla

Has anyone noticed how much BS that Breitbart has wrote about Elon and Tesla

jimglas | 15. Februar 2019

What do you expect of a republican rag

dmm1240 | 19. Februar 2019

Those guys pine for the 1950s so badly it's pathetic. Tesla — EVs in general — threaten lots of their sacred cows and they don't like it. Tough. They made a stink about giving up their beloved incandescent lightbulbs too until they figured out that not having to traipse through the house with a ladder every six months replacing burned out incandescents is kind of nice. You don't hear any griping about lack of choice in lightbulbs any more. It will be the same for EVs 10 years from now, but noisy for the present and immediate future.

Rumi11 | 25. Februar 2019

Republicans are slow on change and stuck on tradition. When talking about vehicles, this means gas.