Exporting US Tesla X to Egypt

Exporting US Tesla X to Egypt

Hi Everyone,
I would like to purchase and export a Tesla X from any US State to Cairo, Egypt.
Will I be able to charge at the same speed as in the US? If not, what adaptor would work well?
Will all the functions still work, Sim, GPS etc? If not, what is the solution to make sure it works?

Thank you!

Passion2Fly | 16. Februar 2019

It’s not about charging or maps. It’s all about service. Without a service center or ranger service nearby, I would never but a Tesla... These cars need maintenance...

yabouzaid | 16. Februar 2019

There was expo the model x 6 a month ago in Egypt , there are building charger net work, u might need to google it Tesla in Egypt, they sell there 2.5m Egyptian pound to start with