SpaceX Crew Dragon launch: what humorous payload is on board?

SpaceX Crew Dragon launch: what humorous payload is on board?

Crew Dragon scheduled for Mar 2 liftoff.
No Roadster this time, but surely a dummy payload will be required.
Any guesses? Update: Ripley is onboard. How to watch.

Nexxus | 25. Februar 2019

@Ross1, I doubt there is anything humorous onboard this launch. Since this is being done for NASA and not some self-interest launch like the roadster.

AFAIK there is only the Dragon Capsule and maybe some dummy weights to simulate the humans that will be onboard the next launch, just to get the right actions/reactions of the launch telemetry and coarse corrections of the thrusters. This launch will prove not only the human requirements but also the trans-lunar, cis-lunar, and trans-earth telemetry required for getting us back to the moon and LEO.

But maybe, just maybe, there'll be another star-man onboard to show us the way.

Nexxus | 25. Februar 2019

Course not coarse.

Ross1 | 25. Februar 2019

There has to be a dummy payload, or there can be no real simulation.

I found a 1961 newspaper yesterday, USA just launched its first Saturn rocket, and filled it with water as a dummy payload.

rlwrw | 25. Februar 2019

There will be non-critical supplies going up to the station with about the same weight as two-three astronauts.

Ross1 | 26. Februar 2019

Thank you Sirs for your expert opinions, I can always respect those.
However: from Teslarati:

Aside from the encouraging FRR and follow-up press conference, SpaceX and NASA are reportedly planning on making the hosted webcast of Crew Dragon’s inaugural launch something fairly spectacular. While no specifics were given, this would come as no surprise knowing SpaceX’s past history of exceptional launch webcasts combined with CEO Elon Musk’s equal affinity to spectacular events. According to Koenigsmann, Crew Dragon will be outfitted with a mannequin (effectively an aerospace-grade crash test dummy) dressed in one of SpaceX’s in-house spacesuits, a globally-recognizable icon thanks to the widespread popularity of Falcon Heavy’s launch debut and special payload.

Ross1 | 28. Februar 2019
"Starman is about to get some off-Earth company.

When SpaceX launches its first Crew Dragon capsule on an uncrewed test mission to the International Space Station (ISS) this Saturday (March 2), the vehicle will be carrying a passenger of sorts: a humanoid dummy wearing the company's sleek black-and-white spacesuit.

Such a suit also graces the inert body of Starman, the mannequin driver of the red Tesla Roadster that SpaceX launched into orbit around the sun last year on the maiden flight of the company's Falcon Heavy rocket.

Related: SpaceX Dragon Crew Demo-1 Flight: What to Expect"

...perhaps you should be asking me the questions instead...

Ross1 | 01. März 2019

How to watch Ripley the dummy and the Crew Dragon

Ross1 | 02. März 2019

Dont know what is wrong with you all. Why the no comment?

I nailed it. A plush soft toy.

Nexxus | 04. März 2019


That plush soft toy is a highly integrated gravity device according to Elon.