save elon now!

save elon now!


Here is the division of "enforcements" main line:
SEC Division of Enforcement
Stephanie Avakian, Co-Director (202) 551-4500
Steven Peikin, Co-Director (202) 551-4500

The S.E.C.'s primary focus should be protecting the stocks and the market, not going after a CEO who has made a mistake or two on twitter, BUT IS HUMAN. A human who has dedicated his entire life to making this world a better place for you to live in, and if you have any, your children to live in. We all have our faults and our short comings but overall, Elon musk is a person who WE NEED as a CEO, as a leader and as a idol to the future generations.
Quite possibly the most influencial person in green energy of all time, HE IS LITERALLY GOING TO BE STOPPED AND REMOVED FROM HIS POSITION IF PEOPLE DONT SPEAK OUT FOR HIM. This is all over the flipping STOCK MARKET ?!?!?!?!??!?!??! Who cares about the stock market when we are all dying from overpopulation and toxic emissions overtaking the world due to our own stupidity? THIS IS ALL OVER MONEY, THE STOCK MARKET not the better of the country or the world. Im asking you to help stand up against this ridiculous power struggle the SEC is committing because of a flipping TWEET? really? a tweet? how come our president gets to tweet all sorts of lies and uncertainties and accusations but yet Elon cant tweet about his own flipping company? This is a crime being commited by the SEC not by Elon. Disagree-rs can go ahead and attack but for those who care please dial the above number and tell Stephanie Avakian and Steven Peikin how you feel about there decisions and accusations against the man who made the electric car and solar surge start!

Madatgascar | 02. März 2019

Agreed. Elon is, first and foremost, a futurist. How do you expect a futurist to stop making forward looking statements?

Shock | 03. März 2019

It's clear neither of the two people above actually understand why SEC is recommending contempt.

jimglas | 03. März 2019

Only fudsters do

SCCRENDO | 03. März 2019

I am a Tesla fanboi and an Elon Musk fan. And neither Tesla nor SpaceX would be anything without him. The man is a genius. But unfortunately certain positions in life carry other responsibilities. The SEC has rules. And he should not be stupid enough to break the rules or even put himself in a position where there is perception of this. He should be left to run the company. But the board of directors needs to keep him muzzled. He suffers from the same problem as the idiot in chief. Things that you tweet about carry the same weight as if you speak about them openly. And in fact it is also in writing so there is less room for ambiguity. Trump has pretty much confessed to multiple crimes via twitter. I amazes me though that he is not in jail yet.

NoMoPetrol | 03. März 2019

@ SCCRENDO "... Trump has pretty much confessed to multiple crimes via twitter. I amazes me though that he is not in jail yet."

Until the mid-term elections the House was being governed by ostriches whose heads never left the comfort of their little hidey hole. When were they supposed to notice what was going on around them?

On the issue of "saving" Elon, I am with you. He can believe everything he's tweeted, but actually tweeting it makes it a public record. If he ends up in serious hot water over the latest tussle with the SEC, he won't be the first eccentric genius to self-destruct because of an inability to cope with the more mundane matters of life (like pissing off the people who are charged with governing the behavior of CEOs).

SCCRENDO | 03. März 2019

I don’t think there heads were buried in the sand. Some are absolute imbeciles like that guy Gaston or something like that but the rest are aware and I would consider them active colluders in the coverup. I would put Devin Nunes and his gang prime colluders. Perhaps even worse are Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnel in the senate