Wall Connector/Charger

Wall Connector/Charger

Anyone know if/where I can find the serial number on my Wall Connector? My electric company is asking for it on an application for a rebate.

EVRider | 03. März 2019

My wall connector has a label on the left side (when facing it) that has what might be a serial number. It's hard for me to get a close look at mine because of where it's mounted.

caustic | 11. Juli 2019

Did you ever figure out where it's located? I am also applying for a rebate.

caustic | 11. Juli 2019

It is on the left side of the charger, btw. I just finally looked closer. It's also on the box it ships in.

ksvyen | 17. Juli 2019

What is the recommended circle breaker Amp for Wall Connector if I have a Long Range Model 3?

reed_lewis | 17. Juli 2019

The best circuit breaker to set would be a 60 A breaker. Make sure you put the appropriate wire for that amount of power.

The car will be able to charge at 48A.

ksvyen | 17. Juli 2019

Is the 48A a limited number for Model 3? If I have an 80A breaker installed then can Model charge faster?

SCCRENDO | 17. Juli 2019

A long range Model 3 can charge up to 48 A max unless supercharging or via Chademo. The short range is less I believe. My Model S85 (2013) could only charge up to 40 A and since i got a new master charger a few months ago seems limited to 32A on an HPWC. Some original Model S had dual chargers and could charge up to 72 A. I am sure there are other variants

Tesla-David | 17. Juli 2019

I have dual onboard chargers in my S85D and routinely harvest up to 80A with my 2012 HPWC. The later HPWC’s are limited to 72A is my understanding, but only 48A for our M3.

ksvyen | 17. Juli 2019

Thank you everyone.

reed_lewis | 17. Juli 2019

The amount of power that can be sent to the car is the maximum of what the connector can put out and what the car can accept. Older Model S/X had 80 and 40 amp chargers depending on the car. Newer models had 48 or 72 amp chargers. The 72A was on the larger battery cars (100 kWh) or if you paid for the high speed charger update.

Now all Tesla S/X/3 LR are 48 A, and the shorter range 3 are 32 amps.

So you can wire a wall connector for 80 amps, but if you plug in a new model 3 LR or S/X you will only get 48 A into the car.

All HPWC can be wired with a 100A breaker which can provide 80A if the car can accept it. But the car needs to be able to accept it and no current Tesla car will accept anything more than 48A using a HPWC.

gordonthuy | 30. Oktober 2019

I'm also trying to claim a rebate for the wall charger. What is the manufacturer and model, can somebody please let me know?