How does a Tesla do while Sitting at the Border

How does a Tesla do while Sitting at the Border

I am interested in purchasing a Tesla Model S later this year, But I have a question, I travel to Mexico a few times a year, I figure the car will make it down there no problem. But when coming home, how will the Tesla Preform while sitting in a 6-7 hour (maybe even longer) line waiting to get back home, would the battery die before making it across?

sbeggs | 03. März 2019

This is why I no longer cross the border south. The wait to get back in is absurd.

Ingleland | 03. März 2019

Get a global entry card.
it works for planes, trains, automobiles, and boats.
good for 5 years. worth every penny.
what was a 4 hour wait is now 20 min.
it requires a background check and an interview with a CBP officer.

reed_lewis | 03. März 2019

In answer to your question. The amount of power that is used when not driving is quite low.

But if you are coming back from Mexico on a regular basis, Sentri is well worth the price.

It gets you back into the USA much more quickly than the regular way.

jimglas | 03. März 2019

Global entry is a good investment, make re-entry to the US of A painless, even for brown people like me.

Tesla2018 | 03. März 2019

I would be afraid of getting kidnapped if I drove a Tesla or other expensive car in Mexico. My uncle had a Winnebago and lived in Texas and we went to see his daugjter who lived near the border but took his car. He said he would never take anything expensive over the border and he got stopped all the time with the Winnebago when he drove it there a few times since they thought he was smuggling illegals or drugs with it. He was an 80 old white guy but said gangs recruit people like him who might need money thinking they wont be stopped as often.
Maybe the California or other border areas arent as bad as Texas.

SCCRENDO | 03. März 2019

@Tesla2018. Trying to push fear of Mexico and Mexicans are you? Crawl back into your racist hole.

Mike83 | 03. März 2019

Our friends travel down to Ensenada and TJ all the time. A fun place with SCUBA diving, great food, happy people. A Tesla should be perfect as it uses little energy and not burning gas idling and using Bio Harzard while sitting in traffic is super nice. There are fast tracks though also. They don't have racism in Mexico just good guitar music and great enchiladas. Don't tell too many people as it might harm their superiority image of themselves. Some even go for medical and dental work. This whole wall thing is one big joke to reward some contractors I'll bet.

Tesla2018 | 03. März 2019

Screendo. Check out how many people are killed or kidnapped there each year. I know of places that are as bad or worse than Mexico. Guess I should put Haiti and Venezuela and Chicago on the list too. When did Mexican become a race, I thought it was a country. I am an American, so we have our own race too?

Mexico is mainly Hispanic and I dont have any issuses with people who are Hispanic origin who are Americans. I dont like people from any background who are violent criminals. My best friend is from Haiti and hates Haitians who are violent since they tried to kill his family during a revolution because his father was a diplomat. Last week they tried to kill his friend who works for the current president. Does that mean he is racist against black people like himself since he dislikes violent criminal activity because people that commit it might be of a certaint race? No, its because of the way that people act not because of what they look like.

I used to work near Newark Nj. Im white and me and a black coworker used to go to lunch together. If we went into a place that was mainly white, no one would harass him if he was with me. Same thing if I went into a place with him that was mainly black. Stinks that people are judged on their looks instead of their actions.
Woulnt you feel stupid if I was really a 15 year old girl from the Phillipines who was messing with you? But since I am a old white man who has friends that know Trump you automatically asuume I am the white devil man.

hammer @OR-US | 03. März 2019

Not a problem at all, I sat at the Canadian border for 4 hours on a Friday of a 3 day weekend and barely used any more than if we were driving straight through.