Tesla Test Drive Network - Cross Post

Tesla Test Drive Network - Cross Post

Hi everyone,

Cross-posting this across all Tesla forums:

With news of the Tesla showroom closings, I think an opportunity has arrived for everyday owners to step in and promote the brand.

I'd like to organize a test drive network to hook prospective buyers up with owners with similar vehicles in their region. This would not only give folks an opportunity to see these vehicles in person, but could be a great way to network with other owners as well.

What do you think? Would you be willing to take a stranger for a spin one weekend?


reed_lewis | 05. März 2019

It is one thing to take a stranger for a ride. It is quite another to have him drive your car.

jordanrichard | 05. März 2019

It gets ugly if the person you are letting test drive your car, gets into a wreck. If a customer wreck a Model 3 on a test drive, Tesla just grabs another car from the inventory. You on the other hand are SOL. Good luck explaining to your insurance company about the circumstances around a stranger driving your car.

Also, only those owners with recently built cars would be what you want at such an event. In other words, my 2014 S85 wouldn't exactly showcase the latest and greatest. Basically there is a lot more to this than just "hey, lets meet in the parking lot and offer test drives"