Idea for helping Tesla shifting online 100%

Idea for helping Tesla shifting online 100%

We knew many Tesla stores will be closed soon, and 100% of sales will be shifted online. This will prevent new customers to test and play with the car as before. But, I guess we can help Tesla.

So my idea what if tesla organize a weekly auto event for an existing customer by registering through the app. Come together and show their cars, educate new customers and present new topics about the car or EV. This can happen in everywhere where Tesla owners exist. Then Tesla can create a reward point system for a rewarding to the owner who participates. for example, one point for each participating, after 10 points you can redeem it for a one month free supercharge or one-month autopilot service or other types of rewards.

I guess this approach will not only help the new owner but will also help to achieve Tesla mission.

jordanrichard | 05. März 2019

There are some states where such a system/scheme is against the law. Here in CT, the laws are so tight when it comes to volunteering that a for profit company/event can not have volunteers help them in efforts to make a profit. Those volunteers would have to be added to the said company's payroll.

Also the pool of owners would be relatively small because only those with recently made cars would be desired for such an event. My 2014 S85 certainly can't be used to showcase the latest and greatest with Teslas.

Don't get me I am all for this, but it won't work to the scale you are perhaps thinking.

jordanrichard | 05. März 2019

I meant "don't get me wrong, I am all for......."

peter.watson51 | 05. März 2019

I think they should bring back the referral program. I see it a mistake to have reeled that back.
All of the new owners could be playing a part in expanding sales.

kcheng | 05. März 2019

You want to help Tesla?

kevindk101 | 05. März 2019

“Online only” is a bad idea and sales will show it. “Not” being able to view/ experience a vehicle directly and ask questions of the informed staff/sales group will delay any future purchases I may make. If this bares out for the general public as well, then sales will dive and reversing this recent decision will be even more costly to Tesla .

bp | 06. März 2019

Tesla has been selling only online in some markets (we've purchased 3 S/X vehicles in Texas), so this shouldn't be a big deal.

Tesla will continue to have a smaller number of galleries - plus the service centers - where potential customers should be able to see vehicles and do test drives.

And they'll likely make improvements to the online sales process with chat & phone support for those customers needing assistance in placing their orders.

By eliminating the extra overhead of the stores and lowering the vehicle sales prices, Tesla is going to make it much more difficult for dealerships and the other manufacturers to compete with Tesla on price, performance, range and features, especially because the dealerships add cost to the sales prices.