Water on passenger seat causes "Safety restraint system fault"

Water on passenger seat causes "Safety restraint system fault"

Tossed my water bottle on the front seat at lunch yesterday, heard the top make noise over a bump, noted that some water had pooled on the seat. Immediately pulled over and cleaned up the water that was visible, all was good went on my way to work.

On trip home after work fault error popped up: "Front passenger safety restraint system fault" Contact Tesla Service. Has displayed now 3 times. (morning, lunch, quick inter-office drive).

Contacted Tesla Support, they said contact service center.... which is 100 miles away.

Anyone know if the seat can be accessed to dry out sensors? Is there a fix short of bringing it into Service Center?

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, it was about a cup of water in total that spilled on seat, the majority of which pooled against the back of seat and into the box of Girl Scout Thin Mints. (meant to calm the office trolls) Total time the water was on seat, approximately 4 minutes before I dried up the visible water.

ElectricAlex | 07. März 2019

Left climate control on while parked over last day and a half, maybe 4 hours with AC on to dehumidify, resorted to leaving the seat heater on the last hour, fixed with no faults now.

Glad I did not need to source a bag and enough rice to put the model 3 in. The bag would have been hard, but the rice would have been easy since I am in rice country and I know several farmers who would love to bury “That zippy little electric thing.”

mrkevindang | 29. April 2019

Darn it, I am seeing this issue now. Not sure if kids spilled something on the seats but I did find an empty boba drink in the car. @_@

derotam | 29. April 2019

...note to self, avoid peeing my pants while in my Tesla.... haha

Magic 8 Ball | 29. April 2019

Yeah, I was thinking runaway butt sweat might be an issue.

Magic 8 Ball | 29. April 2019

Wet farts are probably catastrophic also (note to self: keep pants on while driving).

Fuzzball | 29. April 2019

Wait you are supposed to wear pants while driving?

lbowroom | 29. April 2019

I would have suggested a hairdryer...

Magic 8 Ball | 29. April 2019

With beastiality outlawed in ALL of the states now there is no reason to drive with pants off ready to go.

rsomrek | 27. August 2019

Had water on the passenger seat (oops, let window open in the rain) and got the same error/warning. Left the car in the warm sun for a couple hours and message went away.

thang.d.vo | 30. Mai 2020

Love this thread. I was on a road trip from Dallas back to San Jose, CA when a small cooler I had on the front passenger seat leaked ice water out. I got the error message above like everyone else. Was in a bit of a panic thinking it was going to need servicing. I came across this thread after quick Google and did what everyone said, including turning on the seat warmers. It took about half the day for the error message to go away. Thanks everyone.