2019.5.15 - My Auto Wipers finally work!!!

2019.5.15 - My Auto Wipers finally work!!!

Haven't looked for a range boost yet, I didn't floor it to see if it got 5% faster, but this morning before dawn, a light drizzle triggered my wipers before I had to hit the stalk button. That has NEVER happened before! Worked well all day. Haven't had a chance to test them in heavy rain on the freeway, but this is promising!

M3phan | 12. März 2019

Cool. With this update, Summon worked the best it ever has. Pulling out of my garage, it used to stop either halfway out ( when the front wheels detected the slight downward slope of the driveway), or when the rear wheels touched the driveway. I understood Summon would not work on anything but flat (not sloped) surfaces. But this morning my car kept summoning down my slopes driveway and didn’t stop until I released the app button. Very nice!

82bert | 12. März 2019

Felt the same with auto wipers.

Hal Fisher | 12. März 2019

I think the 5% is noticable because it might be hp. It could be both trq and hp, but i notice the car has more jump over 80 mph. But I just have the rwd, and not sure if those get anything.

gballant4570 | 12. März 2019

My car is installing a software update tonight. I thought the auto wipers work great - I hope I still feel that way after the update.....

Magic 8 Ball | 13. März 2019


SteveWin1 | 13. März 2019

Anyone else notice that the cars around you don't jump around as much on the screen as they used to since the update?

terry.k.morrow | 13. März 2019

@EvrGrn, I think my auto wipers are definitely much, much better. My drive into work they performed exactly as I would hope, and that's never happened during a stretch of more than a minute or two. This time, my short commute of 15 min or so, they were very very solid. I also managed a Wh/mi of 183 which is quite a nice change for this P3D+ that has been in nothing except Michigan winters and experiencing Wh/mi in the 400s. Loving this warmer weather efficiency!

gbb0131 | 13. März 2019

Got my update yesterday, and was up to 292 from 278 on 90% charge over night. Noticed the cars were smooth this morning as I had read previous posts stating that they were. Fortunately we haven't had any rain since, but it's coming tomorrow.

hokiegir1 | 13. März 2019

I really hope I don't need to test my autowipers for a week or 2. We've been a with flooded roads (water above guardrails on one stretch). ;)

I forgot to change my profile to show miles before I got out last night, so I couldn't see if I had a range bump on my RWD. I did swap it today, so we should be able to determine tomorrow. As a bonus, hubby has to go to Augusta tomorrow, so we'll be doing a 100% anyway. It was pretty peppy this morning, but I don't know if that's just because I haven't opened it up in a while or if that was a true increase. I also noticed significantly better efficiency yesterday (when I did the update) and today, but again -- could just be that I got used to "winter" rates and now it's almost 70 here.

gmkellogg | 13. März 2019

It was drizzling here this morning, but haven't noticed an improvement.

SalisburySam | 13. März 2019

Updated from 50.6 to 5.15 yesterday after 44 days on the earlier version. What was interesting for me was that my Model 3 LR RWD here in North Carolina was in the driveway, not the garage, and out of WiFi range when the update occurred. The car has been in the driveway for the last 3 days and not on the charging station due to other work in the garage.

Bighorn | 13. März 2019

OTA updates are not unusual

George with SacEV | 13. März 2019

My auto wipers ceased to work sometime in the last couple of weeks; I am going in tomorrow for a software update to see if that fixes it, but right now we have no more rain predicted for the coming week or 10 days, so little chance to test whatever the SC does. I rebooted my central display several times during the last heavy rain, and when the system was shut down in the rebooting phase, the wipers WORKED, but then stopped as soon as the system rebooted totally. I still do NOT have the latest "Sentry Mode" software, and am not sure what version OS I am using (because I just didn't check, not because I don't KNOW HOW to check). I also want that little extra power we are supposed to be getting as I actually take my M3 Performance + to the local drag strip and with the break in the California rains, this is something I would do next Wednesday.....If I had the extra power upgrade.

Pepperidge | 13. März 2019

Auto wiper worked much better this morning. Not sure it was because I washed windows this morning of the firmware update (2019.5.15).

finman100 | 13. März 2019

in the car, tap the T icon at the top of the touchscreen. on the app, open it, then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen. version is listed in those 2 places (car and app).

kevin_rf | 13. März 2019

I did notice on 5.15 that when you tap for wiper cleaning fluid it actually pulls the odometer off the screen if you have it up. A bit annoying if you watch your watt hour miles.