Model 3 RWD versus Prius in snow.

Model 3 RWD versus Prius in snow.

About to place my order for a SR+ and I'm wondering if anyone has experience with the Model 3 RWD in snow. I live in Salt Lake City, and have made an 06 Prius work just fine the past 13 years on standard Michelin all season radials. A decent front wheel drive car with tires that have tread, works fine out here. My wife drives an Outback, and that is our car to go skiing, so I only need a commuter for my 8 mile commute.
Is the RWD Model 3 with it's balanced weight, excellent traction control and rear axle motor on par with something like the Prius in a town like SLC?
This has all become more relevant this morning as we got 6" last night and it seems like it's going to keep coming all day.

dbwitt | 13. März 2019

I went from a Prius to a Model 3 (in Michigan). Made it through this winter and snow with the all-season tires with about same level of ability as I had with a Prius. The balanced weight distribution seemed to offset the RWD for the most part. Mostly in town driving with short commute. Used our other AWD car for longer trips.

Winters tires would help, just like they would on a Prius I would imagine.

I did turn on Chill mode and low regen on days where the roads were bad, and that did seem to help also.

kevin_rf | 13. März 2019

Came from an '05 Prius. Excellent snow car. AWD LR here. Not bad, but I can get the wheels to break loose and fishtail when I push it hard. Fair amount of horse power and torque, best to keep it in chill with reduced regen on snow and ice.