No Model Y forum still? A place to discuss Model Y

No Model Y forum still? A place to discuss Model Y

I was hoping to find a model y forum, but alas not yet, oh and it seems the forums for the other models are full of spam.

I did manage to come across this forum here
Looks like they just launched yesterday or something and it looks decent, so hopefully a few of us can join and get some discussion going before the Model Y unveiling gets started.

jordanrichard | 14. März 2019

What is there to discuss at this point, he shade of blue on the teaser page? We are still 14 hours away before the scheduled reveal.

Also, I wouldn't consider a website a "club".

wmyers | 14. März 2019

Look at all the Chinese crap posts on here
You think they have control of these forums?

T35LAX | 14. März 2019

Chinese intruders. I hate them.
Are they impatient waiting on model Y reveal too?

edwardcohen1976 | 14. März 2019

haha maybe the 2,000 chinese posts are legitimate discussion

carl | 14. März 2019

How do we listen to the live event tonight?