Dashcam half blurry, anyone know a fix?

Dashcam half blurry, anyone know a fix?

Hey Everyone, look at this video I uploaded, my M3 Dashcam on all the cameras are showing half blurry,

anyone know how I can fix this? I got one the newer Sandisk Flash drives that support USB 3.0 and I don't know how to fix it.

jjgunn | 16. März 2019

Dirty camera lens??

jjt2122 | 16. März 2019

no, I thought the same, all cleaned all around, they are only half blurry

kevin_rf | 17. März 2019

Those are image compression artifacts. All I can suggest, is looking at a different USB drive. Something is struggling to process and store the video.

So, have you rebooted your car since the update?

jjt2122 | 17. März 2019

Thanks for the advice, I will try a different USB and also restart the car. Will update

h2ev | 17. März 2019

It does look a bit like some corrupted pictures and video files that I've seen. Definitely try another drive and restart the car and see.

ModernTriDad | 17. März 2019

Mine has frequent artifacts in footage, but has an even worse problem of the lower third of the images being blocked with a solid green band. I’m hoping it will improve in next update, otherwise I’ll have to submit service request. I’d probably submit one now but I’m 1.5 hours from nearest SC and haven’t tested mobile service while living in apartment complex. | 17. März 2019

I can think of several issues:

1) The USB drive write speed is too slow for the data being written. I recommend at least 40 MB/s write speeds. If your purchased USB drive doesn't have a stated write speed, it will be dog slow.

2) Any chance your drive is a fake drive? Most no-names and those purchased at auction sites or priced to good to be true are fakes. I wrote up an article on USBs and the mid-section explains more about fake drives and how to confirm a drive is not a fake size:

Fakes look fine and show fine on your computer, but they are really either damaged drives with lots of internal errors, or the size is fake - a 32 GB drive is really a 1 GB drive, but made to look like 32 GB in Windows/Mac.

Lastly, dashcams (not in Sentry mode) overwrite memory as they get full. The smaller the drive the more frequent the overwrites. Flash drives have a limited write lifetime. Low quality drives will last 100-200 writes or so. The best ones can be written 1500 or more times (and are much more expensive). The USB ideally should be rated for dashcam use (which means it has far more write cycle life).

hammerli22 | 28. Juni 2019

I went to the Fremont SC and they said it was a know firmware problem.