Tip: How to use Dasham with BOTH chargers intact

Tip: How to use Dasham with BOTH chargers intact

Hi guys, I love the Dashcam feature. But the USB stick means you lose 1 front charger (in the Model 3 at least). Here's a fix I've been testing that works great:

I purchased this splitter cable:

This has 2 female USB sockets, 1 for data + charge, and 1 for just charge.

Install this in 1 of the 2 front USB sockets, and put the USB stick in the "data + charge" side.
Next, connect your charger to the "charge only" side.

Now the dashcam will record, and you can use the previously retired USB charger. This means you can have both center console chargers working at the same time as the third device; the dashcam! :)

Another tip: I had the dreaded "x" on the dashcam icon. It was because my USB stick was too slow. I purchased this one instead and it works great now:

Best of luck to you all! | 30. März 2019

Clever idea, but there is only @ 2.5W of power (500 mA) out of each USB port. Seems like charging a phone and running a USB stick may exceed the limits, causing video dropouts. Likely depends on the phone and the USB stick. It's likely one of those solutions that if it works, great :)

So many dashcam problems are related to the USB drive selected, I wrote an entire article on how to choose one last week: Key is avoiding a fake USB drive, as there are a lot of too-good-to-be-true drives being sold.

jessicaherman27 | 31. März 2019

Thanks for this information. It's really useful

Tesla2018 | 31. März 2019

I have a mini SD card that fits into a thing that looks like a regular sized SD card. I them put the SD card into a thumb drive device snd never works when I plug it into the csr.

But then I have a regular thumb drive that I plug in and it works all the time. However my home computer is outdated and has no way to read MP4 files. So I plug both the thumb drive that was in the car and the mini SD card in two different ports on the computer and I'm able to transfer the files on to the mini SD card. I then take the mini SD card out of the holder and place it into the mini SD slot on my phone and I can see the videos.

I would like to be able to have the car record directly onto the mini USB card and then take that out and plug it into my phone in order to watch videos. Is it possible to record directly onto a mini SD card or does it have to use a thumb drive. Or is it the adapter that I am using that the SD card plugs into ioutdated since it is a 2.0 and I bought it about 5 years ago..

reed_lewis | 01. April 2019

It sounds like the car either does not have the correct software to read/write the SD card holder, it as @TeslaTap accurately says, it requires too much power to operate.

How old is your computer? As long as it is Windows XP or above, you can run VLC which is an open source video playback program.

It is available at:

LTR | 01. April 2019 | 01. April 2019

@Tesla2018 - My first guess is the SD card is not formatted in FAT32. Likely the #1 issue I see with a drive not working in the Tesla. See my article above to format it for FAT32. The stock Windows formatter cannot format FAT32 for a 128 GB drive.