Tesla Signature Wall Charger Problem

Tesla Signature Wall Charger Problem

As a "reward" for my referrals, I received a Signature Black Wall Charger. I decided to replace my original (put in service in 2013) wall charger (which has had absolutely no problems whatsoever) with the new one. Although the wall charger is on a 100 amp circuit, when charging, the new charger regularly trips the circuit breaker. It doesn't happen every time but occurs with both my P100D Model X and my Model 3. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

EVRider | 03. April 2019

No, my recently-installed Signature Wall Connector is on a 100 amp circuit and works fine with both my S100D and my wife's Model 3. The S100D has the high amperage on-board charger and charges at 72 amps.

Did you install the wall connector yourself or have an electrician do it? There are some switches on the wall connector you have to set -- have you checked those?

jimglas | 03. April 2019

call the electrician who installed it to figure out whats wrong

SCCRENDO | 03. April 2019

I have my original HPWC and the Signature wall charger in a daisy chain. They both work well. They charge both my Model S and Model 3 at 40 amp each when charging together and my Model 3 at 48 amp when charging alone. Call your electrician.

tomtesla85P | 03. April 2019

Electrician installed and switches are correctly set. The electrician thinks it is a faulty charger

jimglas | 03. April 2019

the electrician should be able to isolate the problem

EVRider | 04. April 2019

@tomtesla85P: I guess you’ll have to contact Tesla and see what they’ll do for. Hopefully they’ll give you the same warranty that you would have gotten if you paid for the unit, but you’ll have to find out from them.

DanFoster1 | 04. April 2019

Is the tripping circuit breaker a GFCI? If so, it should not be. Just checking all the bases here…