Full Self Driving - "Free"? (2/28)

Full Self Driving - "Free"? (2/28)

So, there were rumors about full self driving being applied for "free" for a specific group of owners - those who ordered with EAP before 2/28 but took delivery after 2/28.

I ordered 2/23 and took delivery 3/13, I confirmed before delivery that I'd get FSD for free by my salesperson/advisor and confirmed after delivery via Tesla chat. Last time I talked to my delivery advisor (shortly after delivery), they didn't know what I was talking about. And then I basically got ignored for 2 weeks due to end of quarter deliveries (they're lucky I live > 1 hour away with some mandatory bridge tolls). And now I was just told on Tesla chat that I should have never been told that, and I'm basically SOL (I didn't buy it for $2,000, obviously).

Was this ever actually made public/official by Tesla? Anyone actually have that applied?

gmr6415 | 04. April 2019

Did you save of print the text from the first chat when they told you, you would get it for no charge? Did you communicate with you "advisor" through e-mail so you would have written documentation? If not it's he said/she said. | 04. April 2019

I am on the same boat. When I ordered it on Jan 26, only EAP was available. I even called Tesla and my local delivery team to see if I should cancel and replace order. Both told me in my case was not necessary. Now I regret that I didn't cancel because literally the price w EAP vs AP+FSD came up the same. I took delivery 2 weeks ago and I've been chatting, calling, emailing but no concrete answer. Local delivery team told me to be patience and wait and FSD software will be rolled out when available. Now we all know that it requires HW3. On my Tesla account gives me option to PURCHASE FSD. I'm freakin worried and annoyed. I would've canceled if I was told I didn't need to. They said I could cancel but delivery would be delay and that's why. I did get an Email from local delivery specialist saying that I would get it for free after delivery.

MarcVG | 04. April 2019

Same here, when ordering, only EAP was available (no FSD option found). There is currently no way to buy FSD from the account page, no option whatsoever to order. Local service center is clueless as well. What's going on?

crmedved | 04. April 2019

@gmr, yup, I saved the email from the sales rep who placed the order for me and the chat session after delivery. The rep on the chat session I had recently basically said it doesn't matter what the salespeople said though and offered his apologies.

@kpoon yeah, similar to me. It is very concerning that I get different answers about this depending on the Tesla rep I'm talking to. My understanding is they basically threw us FSD since they wouldn't adjust prices to account for the 6% price drop, but didn't want people to cancel orders prior to delivery. With FSD being valued at $2k at the time, it was a pretty fair deal to not cancel & reorder.

@glibb That is weird. I have the option to buy it for $5,000 right now. Maybe you got FSD? If you go to your car in your account and click "view details", I think it would be listed under "Options". If you don't have it, AND can't buy it... that is super weird.

jjgunn | 04. April 2019

Times / Dates / in writing (e-mail, chat, etc.) Or it never happened.

EVRider | 04. April 2019

I tried to look at the Tesla blog posting that described the new pricing and packaging of AP and FSD, including the temporary discounts, but that posting has been removed. | 04. April 2019

@EVRider you are right the March 1 blog post has been removed.. This doesn't feel right

crmedved | 04. April 2019

Just got in contact with the original person that placed my order (sales, not delivery advisor). He confirmed again that I will definitely be receiving full self-driving because of the order & delivery dates, and:

"We’re adding FSD to all affected vehicles in the coming weeks. It’s not on your car now because FSD is not a requirement for the next few updates - your current Enhanced Autopilot package should receive all of the content and features."

So basically, we just have to be patient and ignore that $5,000 number.

rxlawdude | 04. April 2019

@crmedved, that email is a bit ambiguous to my reading. I think all you are promised is what was promised in the then-EAP feature set.

Another thing to realize is that no salesperson at Tesla has any authority to make a commitment that deviates from your sales contract. Period.

crmedved | 04. April 2019

Nono, it was clear. I only pasted part of the email. I didn't want to paste it because people might get the impression that any order before 2/28 should receive FSD... he forgot to add "and your car was delivered after 2/28" to a sentence.

And yes, technically, they don't have the authority to promise random things on their own. In this case, they were authorized to offer it.

"The support team might not have the full story. Due to your order and delivery dates, you’re grandfathered in.

Because you had an order in for a vehicle with Enhanced Autopilot before 2/28/2019 (the date we changed the packages), you’ll automatically receive the full self-driving (FSD) update at no cost.

We’re adding FSD to all affected vehicles in the coming weeks. It’s not on your car now because FSD is not a requirement for the next few updates - your current Enhanced Autopilot package should receive all of the content and features.

We’re continuing to monitor update timing on our end. Hopefully we’ll a more specific timeframe for when it’ll be added rather than “soon” or “in the coming weeks”. At the moment though, you’re not missing out on any updates."

rdavis | 04. April 2019

For What reason would they offer FSD for Free? It makes ZERO sense for them to do so.. You pay for EAP but get FSD free? If you paid for EAP, they I would expect you're only going to get EAP. If they didn't offer FSD at that time, then it would make sense for them to offer FSD to you know at that initial costing, but not for free.

Sometimes if it sounds too good to be true... you might want to dig into further and make sure it stated on the sales contract documents. Now, if those say you get FSD...then you should be showing them those docs. If not, I would guess you're going to be SOL. | 04. April 2019

Thanks @crmedved good to know.

butwhyowhy | 04. April 2019

&crmedved - I am in the same boat. I unfortunately was told this but never got it in writing. I am trying to get it in writing now and no one is getting back to me with an answer. What about the free upgrade to HW3.0 - did they mention anything about that to you?

crmedved | 04. April 2019

@rdavis They gave FSD to people who ordered before 2/28 but took delivery on/after 2/28. The reason is, in addition to getting rid of EAP and offering AP & FSD instead, they reduced the price of all vehicles by 6%. They refused to apply the 6% decrease to orders in progress, but of course, we could simply cancel our orders and order the exact same car with AP+FSD for the same price. So they threw in AP or FSD if you had EAP, each valued at about the 6% price drop. At least, I assume that is why they did it.

HW3.0 wasn't mentioned to me, but since everyone with FSD will get HW3 eventually, that means we should get it once they apply FSD to our cars.

rdavis | 04. April 2019

@crmedved, is it stated in your sales docs? I learned a long time ago not to go on what a sales guy says. Maybe they will end up honoring...but if it was me I would have insisted that be stated in the sales docs, or I would have returned the car and re-purchased... but that's just me. Hope it works out well for you.

crmedved | 04. April 2019

Nope, it is not in the sales docs. True, I probably should have asked for it to be included. I would never trust verbal communication, but a direct email before the sale clearly promising the feature ("You will receive FSD at no cost") seemed good enough at the time.

rdavis | 04. April 2019

@crmedved, Understood... maybe it will be enough. I've been burned a few times by sales teams even putting it in email, but when it comes down to brass nuts... they always refer back to the sales docs/contracts.

My comment to them, "hey, if that's the case then put it in the sales contract... shouldn't be a big deal if what you say is what is going to happen." | 04. April 2019

@rdavis I am still worrying regarding what you said. I did get it in Email as well and I was told that they cannot put customer comment in the contract, that's why they sent to me by Email. And they says it's a Tesla company Email, as good as contract. | 17. April 2019

@crmedved Something was changed in my Tesla account, I don't have the option to purchase autopilot upgrade anymore, but under my car - options, it still only says Enhanced Auto Pilot, no FSD

jjgunn | 17. April 2019

EAP includes some current FSD options. (NoAP, Lane changes, etc.)

FSD is a purchase into the future

crmedved | 17. April 2019

Yeah, my option to purchase FSD is gone too. Ironic because it happened literally hours after my pestering my SC again lol. I thought they did something, but I guess it was just good timing. Now, we have the same issue as people that purchased FSD - they have it, but have absolutely no way to show that they have it =] | 18. April 2019

@crmedved pls let me know if FSD shows up under your option... I am sure we will feel better then! It keeps bugging me and I’m losing sleep lol

vgp.patel | 18. April 2019

guys I am in same boat, have email and confirmation from sales rep, but car only say Auto Pilot. It doesnt even show Enhanced Auto Pilot. I ordered on Feb-22 and took delivery on April-16.

crmedved | 18. April 2019

@vgp.patel Did you buy EAP with your car when you ordered? | 18. April 2019

I finally got confirmation from an account specialist that I have FSD in the backend but not sure why it’s not showing in my portal.

benoitlepine | 23. August 2019

Guys, have a look at your account. I was in the same boat (ordered car + EAP pre 02/28, took delivery early March 2019). Was told I would get FSD no charge, but it never showed in my account. I was told many times (phone + email) I had it in the backend but FSD never showed on my account page. I also had no option to buy FSD but again no FSD showing in the options section for the car. Just happened to look at my account today and it now shows. Wasn't there a few days ago. Hope that works for you as well.

vmulla | 23. August 2019

You're saying you bought EAP when there was no option to buy FSD. Ok.
Do you now have FSD as an option to buy? Or do you now have FSD in your account?

M3NC | 23. August 2019

Confirmed. FSD now shows on my account. :-)

benoitlepine | 23. August 2019

I bought EAP with the car and from what I can remember FSD was available to buy for another few thousands dollars. I was promised FSD for free (instead of cancelling the order and reorder a new car under the new lower pricing) as there was a significant price drop between the moment I ordered the car and the moment I took delivery. FSD has not been available in my options to buy over the last few months (I believe this was because FSD was already added - as promised - on my car in the backend but it was not showing in my account) but now it shows clearly as part of the options i have with the car. Tesla were true to their word... Very happy! | 16. November 2019

Weird, I remember FSD had shown up in my account back in Sep. now it’s gone again... I have a feeling it’s gone since my free super charger 6 months was expired. Do you folks have the same issue or you still see fsd in your Tesla account?

spuzzz123 | 16. November 2019

No, but I did worry about that so I took screenprints and downloaded my invoice for some peace of mind.