Rear motor disabled

Rear motor disabled

My new Model 3 (2400 miles) died a few days ago.
I was leaving for work & I couldn't get the car to operate.
It displayed 2 errors:
1. Rear motor disabled (exit & re-enter car - may restore operation).
2. Car shutting down (pull over safely)

When pressing the brake the car would make a clunk & spinning noise in the rear
sort of like when a bad transmission switches gears.
The help desk tried to help out with no joy & eventually had to have the car towed.
It's at the service center awaiting a new rear motor & harness.
The good thing is that it happened while under warranty & I have a nice
Model S loaner.
The service department was very courteous & helpful. I sure hope this is
just an isolated issue.

Cclcal | 12. Juni 2019

say what?

charles | 22. Juni 2019

I just yesterday at 47K miles lost my rear drive (I guess, since that’s what the service writer told me it was after a 30 second conversations). I didn’t think these cars broke down, as mine has been a sweet ride for just over 3 years. Just rear wheel drive S. I was pulling onto a toll road heading up hill when it died. The gear indicators instead of disappointed PRND in white now appeared in red. Not only did it die with no power but it would drift backwards on the hill I was on.

The service call center rep had me go in and do a Power Mode Off inside Controls Service. Just after that we reset Software with a good 45 second hold of steering wheel thumb scrolls. Car started back up again, and I thought she was fantastic.

3-4 miles later as I was exiting and at end if my off ramp car died again. Same rep on phone I got, and we tried again, but this time to no avail. Got towed, and here we are the morning after.

Well it’s under warranty, but makes me wonder, if it happens again, how much is this job to fix?

lbowroom | 22. Juni 2019

Look, I’m not arguing that failures are good, but every make and model has them. I don't see how a loss of power going 65 on the freeway is much different than coming up on traffic on the freeway that comes to a complete stop. That happens all day long on freeways without people slamming into the back of each other.

jjgunn | 22. Juni 2019

It's not difficult to fix. SC will simply swap the rear motor.

Thanks for the tip about the 45 second scroll wheel hold

M3 | 22. Juni 2019

Had to laugh at “That happens all day long on freeways without people slamming into the back of each other.”
Also happens every day WITH people slamming...
Geese folks.

M3 | 22. Juni 2019

Heh heh geese.

Tespresso | 07. September 2019

Same issue, new occurrence here. Delivery in 11/18, 16k miles thus far. Stopped at an intersection, two cars back from the stop sign. car in front of me pulls off, I tap the accelerator to move into position and kaput. Same warnings, but car would not move. Luckily I was over far enough to let traffic around me. Fire truck came, asked me if I had enough "gas", he was joking and I thought it was funny. Police showed up to put out flares, asked me if remembered to pay my electric bill. I thought that was funny also, but I digress. Towed to Service Center, only one guy was working, no techs available until tomorrow. Got my Uber voucher and proceeded home. I'll say that I'm super disappointed that there are no more loaners, an entire thread on it's own I'm sure. I'll update as I progress. I'l probably make a YouTube video also, since this seems like a smaller number of issues.

UTFAN2019 | 30. September 2019

P100D with "rear motor disabled" message yesterday after a loud "thunk". Message state "Rear Motor Disabled. OK to drive". Tried to set up service appointment through app but they keep bumping my appointment back to the end of October. Drove on front motor, I presume, to work today. Hope the front motor does not give out since appointment is nearly 30 days out. Service center is 45+ miles away and since I can't get in touch with anyone, don't want to just show up to be told I have to use the app ;-).

andy.connor.e | 30. September 2019


might want to let people in the Model S forum know about that.

jjgunn | 30. September 2019

At least the 2nd motor is still keeping the car operational.

beaver | 30. September 2019

It’s nice that you can drive the S (or X?) on the front motor. I don’t think that works with the 3 which is a big oversight I think. It may be because the rear motor is a permanent magnet whereas the front (and S and X rear) are inductive motors meaning no permanent magnet and they spin freely without power. Can someone confirm this? If my rear motor on my Dual motor model 3 is disabled can I drive with the front motor?

UTFAN2019 | 30. September 2019

It is an S.

Morgan | 25. November 2019

I have a 2013 P85 with 111,000miles. I do t ha e dual motors but my single motor was replaced at about 60k and again at 82k. It failed again today! Love my Tesla but this is discouraging given that I’m almost out of warranty.

crep1425 | 25. März 2020

Same thing just happened to my M3P (Euro version) this past Saturday. Sat in the car, as soon as I put it in drive, I heard a fairly loud thump coming from the back and then a bunch of warnings came on: (translated) "Cannot drive, pull over safely", "Take control immediately", "System may not come back up", "Power level low", "Schedule maintenance". Oh yeah and the charge port Tesla logo turned red and it obviously wouldn't take a charge anymore... Nothing on Rear Drive Unit being disabled... Anywho, I called roadside assistance and since the car was still in the driveway and the service centre is closed on Saturday/Sunday, I didn't see the urgency of getting it towed right away. By Sunday, the 12V battery had died for some reason. A tow truck came on Monday morning, but couldn't get the car out. The guy came back the morning after with a colleague and an lift tractor. SC texted me a few hours later. Read drive unit needs to be replaced. They have spare parts. Car would be ready by 5pm the day after (today). This is just weird.

Magic 8 Ball | 25. März 2020

@crep You experienced a rare "infant mortality" on a component. It happens on all cars from all manufacturers. It is weird if you have not experienced something like this before but rest easy they will take care of you.

Joshan | 25. März 2020

a car breaking down is "just weird" Mechanics around the world would disagree :) But on a more serious note, glad they got it squared away and are fixing quickly for you.

seth.ryan | 27. März 2020

Happened to me today. Same error message and the vehicle would not shift into gear and was dead. In for service now.

seth.ryan | 27. März 2020

Happened to me today. Same error message and the vehicle would not shift into gear and was dead. In for service now.

luisevalerio | 22. April 2020

Does any anyone know where I can find the rear engine serial number from a 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance?