ap2 vs 2.5

ap2 vs 2.5

I'm at the point of wanting to upgrade my classic S to something with FSD. Don't want to give up my sunroof so it looks like a CPO is my only option. Also want to try to keep my FUSC privilege. So, a few questions:

1. If I choose a car that doesn't have FSD enabled can I add that feature when I buy the car?

2. Regardless of whether it has 2.0 or 2.5 I'll (eventually) get a free HW3 upgrade, is this correct?

3. If I get 2.0 what features would I be missing out on until my HW3 upgrade? I know about Sentry mode and dashcam, anything I am missing?

4. What build date will I need to get FUSC? Are there any 2.5 cars with FUSC?

Thanks in advance!

packpike | 12. April 2019

To be clear there's AP1 and EAP. The 2 vehicles that you're speaking of are HW2.0 & HW2.5, but they run the same AP.

That being said:
1) Yes, you can purchase FSD for all HW2.0 & HW2.5 vehicles.
2) The current thinking is that if you buy FSD on either you will get the free HW3 upgrade.
3) Just those 2 features that we know of for now, and potentially with the latest firmware Sentry comes to HW2.0 vehicles.
4) I don't believe there are any transferrable FUSC vehicles that are HW2.5. You might can get an early HW2.0, but I don't recall. There are posts about it, but it didn't relate to me so I didn't log the info in my brain.

RAR | 12. April 2019

HW2.0 started in October 2016. At the time FUSC was to end for delivery no later than December 31, 2016. That is why my delivery date was December 30, 2016. I believe the FUSC date was extended, but like packpike "it didn't relate to me so I didn't log the info in my brain".

2017 S90D HW2.0 FSD at original purchase

MJP.75D | 12. April 2019

Mid-Jan ‘17 delivery (might) get you FUSC — just might. And it will be HW2. It is possible, however, to get a new, HW3 car (“long range” ie 100D) with a sunroof. You can’t order one but there are a few inventory cars out there that are available. Use one of the search websites to find your perfect match (minus UFSC, of course). Good luck.

MJP.75D | 12. April 2019

One of many examples:5YJSA1E28KF307006

Mchenry7 | 12. April 2019

My 2017 MS, delivered March 2017, has FUSC. I believe the order needed to be placed by Dec 2016. Remember, lead times back then were 3-4 months.

EVRider | 12. April 2019

Although 2019.12 (I think that's the one) adds Sentry Mode to HW2 vehicles, the video is uploaded to Tesla and not currently available in the car. In other words, you still can't record video on a USB in your car unless you have HW2.5 (or later).

People with HW2 and 2019.12 have tried using a USB stick with a TeslaCam folder with Sentry Mode, but they just end up with some empty files on the USB.

Anthony J. Parisio | 13. April 2019

I have a 2017 90D with FSD. So I will be getting the new 3.0 hardware as it comes out. It is loaded with Sunroof. It is Red with black. The miles is 6,300. It is pampered. I might consider selling it. Contact me if you are interested:

p.c.mcavoy | 14. April 2019

@Mchenry7 is pretty close on the cut-off dates for FUSC. It originally was order by Dec 31, 2016 but Tesla’s web site choked given the last minute load, so Tesla ended up extending the order dead line to ~Jan 15, 2017 (I put approximate as I may be off a day or two, but mid-Jan). I was thinking there was a delivery deadline by end of March 2017, but have seen others state that the key was order by Jan 15, 2017. Given how Tesla tended to batch builds for US delivered cars toward the end of the quarter, it’s tough to go by build month/date. Could have a car ordered first of Jan and one early Feb both end up getting produced about the same time, so you need to be careful checking the details on any car built in Q1 2017. So cars produced after mid-Oct 2016 and fall into this window is the sweet spot for people looking for the combination of HW2 and FUSC.

bill | 15. April 2019

I thought Tesla extended FUSC after December 2016 to mid 2018. They also gave FUSC to people that bought In early 2017 when it was not available. I also remember something about FUSC that was not transferable,

Does anyone have a timeline for FUSC various incarnations?

EVRider | 16. April 2019

@bill: Tesla used to have a page that listed all the previous referral programs but I don’t see that anymore. The FUSC that was in effect until January 2017 was transferable to new owners, but all the subsequent programs were only in effect for the original owner.