Confused about Maintenance

Confused about Maintenance

2014 85S. I know the older (not that old) service called for at 4 years: Battery coolant replacement, Brake fluid replacement, Cabin air liter, wheel alignment among other things. I've heard there is now a a la cart system where they recommend service items and you choose. Question, the battery coolant replacement and drive unit fluid service, just optional? Can't decide the importance of certain services. I don't even see these same items listed on the 'new' service suggestions.

p.c.mcavoy | 13. April 2019

@eggbert747 - Best bet is contact the service center and discuss it with them. That’s what I plan to do relative to my 2016 MS90D.

I’ll be coming up on 50k probably this fall and have some of the same questions. My case is further complicated by the fact I had purchased the pre-paid maintenance plan and unsure whether they will do the items that were listed when I purchased the plan, or go by the current schedule. Also unclear since they no longer have any mileage limits, whether I can wait until 4 years vs. 50k miles (probably about 6-9 months difference) and still count it against my prepaid plan. I actually have an appointment in a couple weeks for a warranty item which the mobile service tech could not address last week and plan to discuss it at that time in person with my service advisor.

eggbert747 | 13. April 2019

@P.C. yes, definitely calling service center makes the most sense. I was trying to get a feeling of the importance of certain service items. A bit concerned service would suggest certain items, but would also like some concrete "things to do at 50K". As an example, my other ICE car says to drain and flush the tranny at 100K. Recently a Service Tech said no, it's a sealed unit and never really needs replacement. Weird..

jordanrichard | 13. April 2019

There is no confusion. Tesla has stated now that the battery coolant no longer needs to be changed out, it is good for the life of the car.

The maintenance for the MS is as follows:
10-12K miles check tires for wear, rotate as needed
Every 2 yrs, change out cabin air filter, service AC and check brake fluid for contamination, changed as needed.

That’s it. The need for an alignment can be determined by uneven tire wear.

This change is not unexpected. From the get-go they really didn’t know how well the cars would hold up and “over engineered” a recommended service plan. Now after almost 7 years and literally billions of miles of servicing the cars, they have found that the cars don’t need anywhere near the amount of service that they were first recommending. So, they changed it.

Now, while they removed a lot of stuff, they added something for those cars in cold weather states and that is to clean and service the brakes on an annual basis. They have found that due to the salt and very infrequent use of the brakes is causing some corrosion issues with the brake calipers. So for us in “winter states”, they still recommend us bringing our cars in annually.

kerryglittle | 14. April 2019

My theory is if it aint broke don't fix it. LOL.

Mathew98 | 14. April 2019

@kerry - Then how do you explain all the elective plastic surgeries? Especially the enhanced airbags type?

kerryglittle | 14. April 2019


garyjtate | 15. April 2019

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Anyone know how long it takes to get verified?

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Bighorn | 15. April 2019

Minutes to days seems to be the average

jordanrichard | 15. April 2019

"My theory is if it aint broke don't fix it. LOL."

Yes and no. Now perhaps things would be looked at when they do a tire rotation, but it is very important, especially when a car gets a lot of miles on it, to inspect the ball joints and tie rod joints. Those are 2 parts that you don't want to break on you because a whole lot more will be seriously damaged if those let go.