Forgotten MR Drivers

Forgotten MR Drivers

Purchased my MR end of Jan 2019, price dropped one week later $1100. Now MR discontinued. No recent software update (still 0n 2019.5.15). No plans on range increase or 5% power boost as with the LR models. AP now no charge and LR cost less than my MR. Love my car. Just disappointed in the marketing schemes. Anyone other MR users feel left out?

scherer326 | 14. April 2019

I have an mr and love it, just got latest software update. Don’t think too much and enjoy the car.

Magic 8 Ball | 14. April 2019

The rear view mirror is useful in traffic, life goes on.

Bighorn | 14. April 2019

Accentuate the positive FFS

josia75 | 14. April 2019

I got a MR and im on 2019.8.5. My update notes do mention that I’ve gotten the 5% boost. As for the range increase I don’t think Tesla can really squeeze much more range then 264. Also AP has been added to the total cost of all cars. Do not worry, us MR users will still get the same updates as the other models. I don’t really feel left out. The way I see It the MR model was just a limited edition model with all the interior benifits.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 14. April 2019

I’m an MR owner. I’m happy as can be. Bought EAP with the car. Upgraded FSD during the fire sale. If I want more than 264 I’ll just drive slower. I figure when FSD goes live I won’t mind the slow drive as I will be kicking back in the back seat with a road cocktail.

Hyperspice | 14. April 2019

Got my MR about a month ago. Love the car. Happy as can be. Have already saved close to $200 CDN in gas money.

M3BlueGeorgia | 14. April 2019

Now Tesla have stopped selling the LR RWD, perhaps they'll bring the MR RWD back for something around $44K?

Teslanene | 14. April 2019

I also have the MR and thought I receive a great deal as I got for 34k after incentives last year. The updates are getting slower, was on 5.15 for months until I bother my local SC. Just received the latest 8.5 this weekend. When I got my MR it was advertised as 260, but I think it was increased to 264 over the updates.

jjgunn | 14. April 2019

Gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme.

It's a YOOOOOOGE problem.


kutoroff | 14. April 2019

I ordered my mid-range RWD with EAP at the end of February with delivery on March 6. Timed delivery with announcement that I could have ordered a long range had I waiited a few days on my order. I too was unhappy at first. In end I see I got the car I wanted as I wanted it. Continuing to follow the haphazard anouncements from Elon and see that no matter when you buy, something is going to change. You pays your money and you takes your chances. The car is as nice as I expected, it performs better than expected, and I like the darned thing. Maybe I'd like a LR more, but I have more issues in life to deal with than the car. It is what it is.

ourmanbob | 14. April 2019

Ordered my mid-range the day after they were announced. Also saved myself from the $1k price increase the week after that. Prices fluctuate up and down. The MR was still get its updates. I count myself as lucky for being able to snatch up a MR since no one else can have them now.

crmedved | 14. April 2019

Note: If you don't use wifi, it's gonna take a long time to get updates. I traded my MR in for an LR AWD and was annoyed because I wasn't getting updates... I connected to my home wifi and got 2 or 3 within 24 hours.

"LR costs less than my MR" ... I'm just gonna take that with a healthy dose of skepticism. AP comes with cars now, but the price of the cars increased, and the -real- benefits of the software only come with FSD. AP is not as good as the EAP you had the option to buy. I wouldn't be surprised if they were within a few thousand of each other though, because the only difference is the # of batteries (for RWD obviously). AWD starts at $49.5k now.

ccash | 14. April 2019

I received the latest, greatest update last week (jumped straight from 5.15).

EVRider | 15. April 2019

@M3BlueGeorgia: No chance Tesla will bring back the MR, since they’ve been trying to simplify production. The MR was always meant to be a temporary solution to the lack of the SR.

MyRedM3 | 15. April 2019

I'm in the same boat. Bought MR mid-Mach. Got the 8.5 update few days after it was released. So not left out.

Now its really difficult for people to decide. SR+ has limited interiors but the next level up is LR AWD which is $10K+. If someone wants premium interior but does not need AWD, they are at a loss.

mrburke | 15. April 2019

@Icepucks - remind me again, who are you guys ?

Kataniki | 15. April 2019

Bought my MR early March. Was going to order a SR but ended up getting one from inventory - got comped on the color (red) which at the time was worth $2.5k. Didn't know much about the car and didn't know until this thread that it was discontinued and don't really care. Happy with the premium interior and love the car.

Kataniki | 15. April 2019

PS can't seem to edit my comment, but forgot to mention that I am getting all the updates - agree, best when parked at home and on wifi.

Hassancook24 | 15. April 2019

Yeah I got MR and life is good over here. Not worried about what others are getting the car for. I've got mine, it works, and I love it. Got my full tax incentive/CA rebate, so I'm good!