Terrible service - huge decline from previously excellent standards

Terrible service - huge decline from previously excellent standards

Tesla service used to be great! Not anymore. Here is my recent experience.

I live in Seattle area. We had a big snowstorm in February, 1 1/2 to 2 feet snow. Long story short, snow banks everywhere, including our driveway, and I scraped the left rear part of the wheel one too many times against a snow bank, and the plastic trim around the wheel area, I think it is called quarter panel, broke. It's a plastic part, no damage to the metal, no big deal.

I went to the local service center in Bellevue WA, exactly two months ago. The problem is still unresolved and it's been one terrible experience after another. Here is what happened so far.

1. First of all, when I called the service center, nobody picked up the call. I called 2-3 times, same outcome, so I decided to go to the service center in person.
2. I was surprised that the local service center did not have such a small, cheap part in inventory (Bellevue / Seattle area has thousands of Teslas, you would think they would keep some parts in inventory.
3. They ordered the part and told me it would take a few weeks for it to be delivered to the service center and once delivered, someone would call me to schedule a service appointment.
4. Weeks went by and no one called.
5. I was busy at work, so finally when I had some time, I followed up. After a few tries, got the same service rep on call.
6. She said something to the effect "oops, the part was delivered a few weeks ago but I don't know why no one noticed it and called you"
7. She asked me if mobile service would be OK, to which I said OK. She said, a mobile technician will call me in a few days to schedule the service call.
8. You guessed it. No one called for about a week and a half (and mind you, if you call the service center, generally, no one picks up the phone).
9. Finally, someone called from an "Unavailable" number. I of course, don't pick up such calls.
10. I listened to the voicemail and called back and scheduled a service call.
11. The service call was scheduled for 3PM this afternoon. However, at around 2:45, the technician called me and said that he went to the service center to pick up the part but the part is not there, so he can't service the car. He couldn't give me any more information about when the car will be serviced.
12. I called the service center to find out. 4 times. Of course, no one picked up the phone. And the voicemail box was full and I couldn't leave a message.
13. Finally, I called the sales office and asked to talk to service manager. I was told that the manager was not in office today. The service rep was in the office but helping another customer and that she would give me call once she was done with that customer.
14. That was at 4 PM. The store closes at 6 PM. No one called.

So, first of all, Tesla is using a cheap plastic part on a 100K car, doesn't have a spare even in a large service center, can't deliver it for two months, doesn't know it's not there while scheduling a service appointment, and at the service center, very often no one picks up the call, voicemail box is full, and when you call and complain, no one returns the calls.

I will post an update after a few days. I am hoping that this thing gets resolved soon.


bigroccrek | 15. April 2019

I have had the exact same experience with my "local" service center (70 miles away). It is starting to get old. Please Tesla, Service what you sell!!

tbogan | 17. April 2019

Tesla service used to be exceptional. I cannot understate how much it has deteriorated in the last year. Our most recent example is that we lost our ability to supercharge. Phone wait times to get assistance were over 45 minutes (two different calls). We subsequently took the car in and determined that the supercharging capability is compromised. Multiple weeks waiting for a part to come in - once it did - we received a text asking for our preferred appointment times. NO RESPONSE to our return text for three days - only to tell us that date wasn’t available. Tesla - this is a $120,000 car - get your act together. We have three Model S’s. There will not be another one unless you get this fixed. You used to be the best. Now you are unequivocally the worst.

CoreyM | 17. April 2019

I also live in the Seattle area and would echo the sentiment.

I had a 2013 Model S and just traded it in for a Model X a few weeks ago. For the first several years of owning my Model S, Tesla's service (both Seattle and Bellevue locations) was phenomenal. Truly some of the best service from a company in any industry. But over the last year or so, there's been a steep decline in service.

My guess it is largely due to the much higher volume of service appointments due to rapid growth of Model 3's in the market. Some of the same people who have provided great service over the years have become unresponsive, lack follow-up or simply miss things. I don't think these individuals have inherently changed, so my assumption is that it's the amount of cars coming through that they're trying to juggle that's the issue. But that's just my guess.

Not making any excuses or saying that it's okay, because I've certainly been frustrated with the level of service over the last year, but I do think that they have not been able to scale up their service department/locations to coincide with all the new Teslas on the road.

For those who are new to Tesla and have only experienced bad service, you should know that it used to be great and hopefully it will get there again--just keep providing feedback in the surveys post-service visit. | 17. April 2019

I suspect some service centers are loaded more than others. Just because a couple of service centers have problems does not mean all service centers are the same. I've always had great service here in bay area - likely the highest density of Teslas too. Then again There are 5 service centers within 30 miles.

I've been able to get appointments online in less than a week, but I'm flexible time-wise. Those than can only go at a prime time could wait a lot longer. I hope they get your issue solved.

jjgunn | 17. April 2019

Bay Area SC's give all the love I guess. No issue here in the Bay

Sounds like the Seattle SC needs some help/training. Hang in there & try to have patience. Hope you get it resolved real soon.