Sounds of Silence Tesla Rally Custer SD

Sounds of Silence Tesla Rally Custer SD

This is a very fun event held by the Chamber of Commerce in Custer SD.
THe town welcomes us with open arms & bars and some private events as well.
This is the 6th Annual and lots of Tesla Rockstars are in attendance.
Rooms are filling up fast so if you want to join in sign up quick!

Hope to see you there!
Still Grinning ;-)

p.c.mcavoy | 16. April 2019

Before someone asks, May 18-20. Here’s link to the details.

Bighorn | 16. April 2019

I booked the wrong dates then. Better double check that.

Bighorn | 16. April 2019

Someone messed up!

It’s the 17th to the 19th, btw.

p.c.mcavoy | 16. April 2019

Yep, I didn't bother looking at the calendar, just going by what they had on the teslasoundofsilence site, but I agree, looks like they botched the dates there. Expecting it is actually Fri-Sun, then it would be 17-19 per my calendar.

Either way I won't be there as looking like I might be on an airplane headed about 10 time zones away. Hope all y'all have better weather and no hail this time around.

Bighorn | 16. April 2019

I've done as much damage control as I can. Wrote the webmaster/comments and notified the TMC thread.

NKYTA | 16. April 2019

I covered the email end...

Shesmyne2 | 16. April 2019

Thanks for the link I forgot to post BH.

Still Grinning ;-)

txakoli | 16. April 2019

There was also a date error in the attachment in the email this morning from Dolsee at the Custer COC. I’ve sent her an email notifying her of the error.

ken.lunde | 16. April 2019

I will be driving to Hot Springs, which is 30 minutes south of Custer, in late June. My parents live there. I will be driving from San Jose, California, which is 1,400 miles away. I will make use of the superchargers in Custer while there. I have been driving to Hot Springs at least twice a year since 2006 or so. This will be the first time with an EV (Model 3 LR AWD).

Bighorn | 16. April 2019

If you haven’t already, check out Skogen Kitchen in Custer. Awesome little chef-owned place—excellent food and super friendly wife manager. Escaped from CA.

ken.lunde | 17. April 2019

@Bighorn Will check it out.

My dad and I frequent "The Hitchrail" in nearby greater-metropolitan Pringle (population 112):

BTW, my route to Hot Springs takes me through Casper, and I am hoping that the planned supercharger station there is open by the time I make this trip.

Bighorn | 17. April 2019

Good luck with Casper! I’ve been waiting six years with a 95 mile detour through Gillette and Lusk heading south. At least Wheatland saves me some miles in my 3.
Some folks diverted to Pringle to avoid hail a few years ago.

ken.lunde | 17. April 2019

Yeah, though I was driving the Infiniti FX35 that we no longer own, I stopped by the supercharger station in Lusk last October:

It sounds like I shouldn't hold my breath for Casper.

Bighorn | 17. April 2019

No permits have been found for Casper, so probably not.

Lusk is a piece of work, whose claim to fame is the racist festival of Rawhide where the townfolk dress up as marauding "Indians" and parade in red face down closed streets. The Indians end up skinning a douchey white guy--you know, G-rated family fare.

Also there's Black Hills Burger and Bun with the "best hamburger in America." :)

jimglas | 17. April 2019

MAGA shit

wiboater4 | 17. April 2019

Any worries about flooding this time of year for that trip?

Bighorn | 17. April 2019

We've had a lot of bad weather with preceding blizzards and hail, but I don't think anyone had trouble with flooding. Heavy slush really cut down on efficiency for some people one year. Snow followed by unseasonably warm days can certainly cause flash floods in the region, but I think Custer tends to stay cooler in the spring.

finman100 | 17. April 2019

So excited to make this one! We travel from Oregon to South Dakota once a year and this time it's electric. Driving the Gorge (I-84), then up thru Spokane WA and the rest is I-90. Same route on the return trip. Hoping for decent weather. although spring is a tough one in those parts.
I have to ask...'cause I'm cheap... the $60 registration fee...what do you actually get? I'm in for a Crazy Horse picture and such, but the meals I'm spending in Rapid City with family. Will there be "driving tours"? I do see the schedule of events says on your own, etc. All i want to do is drive around the Black Hills where i grew up. But in my Model 3!

did I say I'm excited? Sorry, but this trip is "going home" for me. And it's certainly a special place for those reasons.

finman100 | 17. April 2019

I've no idea how that supercharger link got in there. weird.

Bighorn | 17. April 2019

It was free the first few years, but the price has gone up progressively. You get a couple meals, a $10 voucher for local businesses and entrance to Crazy Horse for the group photo and a couple doo-dads--pin and lanyard, if it's your first year. May be forgetting something. There used to be planned group drives, but attendance numbers now precludes that, so people make their own plans to loop to/through different venues. The parks are free that weekend whether you participate or not. Most of the socializing happens at the two meals. Otherwise, people are pretty scattered.

Shesmyne2 | 17. April 2019

The $60 is worth the experience IMHO.
There are private events with food/beer and other treats like BH said.
You’ll have plenty of time to drive around Black Hills too.

Still Grinning ;-)

ken.lunde | 27. Juni 2019

@Bighorn My parents and I enjoyed dinner at Skogen Kitchen this evening. My dad and I both ordered their eight-ounce tenderloin, which was excellent. My my ordered their scallops, which she enjoyed. I also appreciated their modest $10 corkage fee, because I brought along several bottles of excellent California wine.

Bighorn | 28. Juni 2019

Excellent. I love that place though I’ve only had the walleye breakfast since our dinners are all scheduled during the rally.

ken.lunde | 28. Juni 2019

@Bighorn In related news, my dad and I dropped by The Hitch Rail in nearby Pringle on Wednesday for their six-dollar burger + fries lunch special:

We go there at least once during each visit, which is twice a year. Victory Steakhouse in greater-metropolitan Edgemont also serves an excellent burger.