Charging Tesla

Charging Tesla

With Elon’s Post about charging to 90-95%, what about the other end......should you use the car until the battery gets to a certain level before charging? Frequency?

Earl and Nagin ... | 17. April 2019

at the bottom: don't leave it below about 10 - 20% for very long.

jordanrichard | 17. April 2019

What post by Elon about charging to 90-95% ? I know that he had previously Tweeted about the whole ideal charging level of 70% and that event 80% is just fine. Don't recall any Tweets about charging to 95%. One shouldn't be charging to 95% and let the car sit there.

Micpad | 17. April 2019

Elon Musk explains why you shouldn't charge your Tesla battery to 100%

jordanrichard | 18. April 2019

That would be IMHO the other reason to not charge to 100%, but the main reason is you shouldn’t leave the batteries sitting at 100%, in net effect, cooking.

EVRider | 19. April 2019

@Micpad: The 90-95% charging recommendation in the article was for a particular owner who needed extra range. 90% is the recommended maximum for most people.

nothotpocket | 19. April 2019

Nightly charging of 80%-90% is recommended. No problem taking it down under 5%, but don't see that there's a mention of any benefit in doing so.