Stock Price

Stock Price

Anybody ready to buy a few shares of stock at the $235 price, or whatever, come Monday?

Lonestar10_1999 | 28. April 2019

Are you expecting some corporate announcements that would please Wall Street?

hamiltonned | 28. April 2019

I'm tempted. I totally believe in the Tesla movement but I don't trust wall street. Especially with the $35 drop in one week.

RedTeslaModel3 | 28. April 2019

In for another 50k! FUDsters been at work soread misinform with low delivery due to delivery numbers, overlooking transit time overseas. Demand is there.

texxx | 28. April 2019

Monday should be interesting. Support level has been at 250 for the last two years, and it blew through that last week. So at 235 it's either a bargain or headed lower. Spin the wheel!

ALDONY | 28. April 2019

@tex.i agree.

Not in finance but at wall Street quite often.. That's what analyst told me..
Hedge fund managers the feel that TSLA is really unpredictable. Could go to 150 or to 2000

TickTock | 28. April 2019

I dumped all my TSLA holdings last December after holding it for 5 years. Couldn't resist the temptation to buy back in last Friday. Will probably be another 5 years before I sell again so I really don't care what happens Monday (or the near future for that matter). It's a gamble for sure - especially short-term. But long-term Elon seems to know how to win.

Magic 8 Ball | 28. April 2019

News of SEC "settlement" should please market.

hamiltonned | 28. April 2019

Did the settlement news break before market closed Friday?

RedTeslaModel3 | 28. April 2019

TSLA dropped big time to Q1 numbers and news of car fire in china.

Misinformation spreads through wallstreet, the car was smoking for whole 45 mins prior to combustion. Every single news article informed that it was an instant combustion and never went back to clear Tesla after the fact came out. FUDsters spread bad news to distract investors from AI front. Q1 delivery numbers were expected of a big lag behind and payback. I guess we just looking at these opportunities to buy more shares.

My only conern is Panasonic investment into the giga factory. These battery cells are holding back tesla from sky rocket on the energy market sectors and ability to push more delivery including the high end Model 3.

rxlawdude | 28. April 2019

I dumped about half my shares at $263 (averaged acquisition around $270), with the explicit plan to re-purchase that half at a lower cost. Watching closely to determine when to pull the trigger, but will lower my averaged cost by at least $15/share.

jimglas | 28. April 2019

I plan to purchase another chunk of Tesla stock at opening monday.

Bighorn | 28. April 2019

SEC news was AH. Small bump

rob | 28. April 2019

That's one thing I don't really understand. The focus seems to be on the drop from 2018Q4 to 2019Q1. But if you look at year to year, 2019Q1 doubled the previous years delivery for the same quarter. The fed tax credit and other factors affect the delivery numbers too. But year to year, the growth is great.

Carl Thompson | 29. April 2019

"Misinformation spreads through wallstreet, the car was smoking for whole 45 mins prior to combustion. Every single news article informed that it was an instant combustion and never went back to clear Tesla after the fact came out."

That's good to know. All we have to do is check on our cars at least once every 45 minutes and we don't have to worry about our cars burning down our houses without our knowing about it.

I'm not sure why you think it taking 45 minutes makes the spontaneous (presumably) combustion of that car somehow OK and not a big deal.

phinallydone03 | 29. April 2019

buy high sell low....

Firaz.ashraf | 29. April 2019

This is not really about demand for Tesla cars, it's about demand for Tesla stock at the margin. Currently, the stock is probably under pressure to Tesla raises capital. I am accumulating but understand that it may be right here or another 30-40pct drop till all clears. Institutional investors (ones that matter to the stock) are probably in net sell mode anticipating dilution. Can't fault them

Tuning In | 29. April 2019

Normally I am concerned whenever car fires take place. In the case of the “spontaneous” combustion in China, I’ve dismissed it all. The whole thing took place in China which in itself is grounds for dismissal. We’re talking about a place where all media is filtered by the government. If it were Geely or Nio, there not be peep about it. For all we know, that car was one that had been dissected by a state owned car company and was either intentionally or unintentionally made to have a battery fire.

Bighorn | 29. April 2019

In the only "spontaneous" fire to my knowledge, a bullet was mysteriously found in the battery. I call BS until forensics are complete.

PhillyGal | 29. April 2019

Wall Street is so full of crap that TSLA seems to do the opposite of what a logical person would assume each time there is news.

jimglas | 29. April 2019

@Carl: you better sell your car and buy a Kia for your own safety

jimglas | 29. April 2019

@Carl: you better sell your car and buy a Kia for your own safety

ralphfiol | 29. April 2019

Grabbed additional chunk of shares at opening this morning @ $232.

jjgunn | 29. April 2019

Heheheheh it's pretty low opening today

Magic 8 Ball | 29. April 2019

I think people are struggling with the notion that TESLA is not about to throw in the towel

jimglas | 29. April 2019

Another 50 shares for me this AM

Bulldawg | 02. Mai 2019

Up 5% this morning on news of a capital raise. Roughly $1.5 billion in convertible notes and another half billion in stock. Should help allay fears related to cash flow.

wiboater4 | 02. Mai 2019

I think another thing that is keeping the stock lower is all the talk from other companies about coming out with there own electric vehicles. Even if they aren't as good a car for the money as a Tesla a lot of people don't do enough research to know that. They don't pay attention to how long it will be til there actually is going to be one available.

ILoveMyModel3 | 02. Mai 2019

I purchased stock several months ago and I plan on buying more today.

apodbdrs | 02. Mai 2019
SteveWin1 | 02. Mai 2019

I didn't realize you could buy Model 3 stock, but I guess you can, cause I'm reading all this in the model 3 forum.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 02. Mai 2019

Does anyone really think the Night King is dead? I think he’s just getting started.

billlake2000 | 02. Mai 2019

Buy, buy, birdie

dgstan | 02. Mai 2019

Apple has doubled in the last 2 1/2 years. Tesla is up 10% over the same time frame.If you time it right, Tesla can be a cash cow, but it's certainly not for the faint of heart.

carlk | 02. Mai 2019

It's VERY EASY for shorts to spread rumors and misinformaton to manipulate stock price. That's exactly what they are doing to Tesla at this moment, and to Netflix, Amazon years ago when they were one time or other the most shorted stock. You only need to watch this old Jim Cramer interview to understand it. He said in that interview to short even Apple was easy by just spreading FUD.

The best defense against those noises is buy and hold. Signal will take time to emerge out of the noise and truth will eventually prevail. We all know what would have happened if you bought AAPL shares instead of shorting it in 2006. The same goes if you have bought AMZN or NFLX shares and held them for a decace. Would 50,000~100,000% profit sounds nice especially in the face of those shorts?

Here is an article by Coty Willard that illustrates exactly how fake news from shorts could affect people's decision and how due deligence could let you to see truth (and likely profit from it). He is a fund manager and used to anchor Fox Business and CNBC shows. He got extract credibility here from the fact that he had been a long time Tesla bear until now.

carlk | 02. Mai 2019

Crrection: That should be 5,000~10,000 % profit but I'll still take that.

carlk | 02. Mai 2019

If Coty Willard had ever investigated @Carl Thompson he would have come up with the same conclusion as I had that he is a FAKE.

bj | 03. Mai 2019

Nah, CT is real.

Bighorn | 03. Mai 2019

My buddy bought AAPL back in the day with his lawn mowing money--he can retire anytime. I just suggested this week that he take a little AAPL off the table and convert to TSLA since they were on opposite ends of their 52 week trends.

carlk | 03. Mai 2019

I got quite a bit of AAPL in 2008. Funny thing was people at that time thought I was taking big risk and iPhone would not have a too great future. Few could even see the significance that's right in front of their eyes.

I started to get out of APPL since last year. It had becoming a (rich) follower instead innovator. It has only been willing to go into proven markets first explored by others. Apple watch followed Fitfit, Apple TV followed Roku, Apple Music followed Spotify and now it is following Netflix to streaming. Oh yeah and Apple car, whatever it is, no doubt followed Waymo and Tesla. It might still do well for a while but it's just not a company I want to bet my money on.

Kary993 | 03. Mai 2019

I am just going to ride it out. TSLA stock is a roller coaster and trying to continually react is just going to create greater loses. Long term Buffet type view I have of Tesla.......

carlk | 03. Mai 2019

+1. Hold for long term defeats, and is the only way to defeat, all those noises out there with the purpose of having you to react.

Bighorn | 03. Mai 2019

My friend got AAPL more than 25 years before you, about 46 cents a share given the splits, I think. I don't see it becoming a $2T company in our lifetimes, but TSLA could certainly double or more.

beaver | 03. Mai 2019

I bought at $260 and will buy more if financials improve (I.e Elon shows he can be a good CEO not just visionary) or if it drops below $200. TSLA is a great long term investment but likely rocky short term investment.

EVolution | 03. Mai 2019

I bought 100k and will sell exactly in 5 years

CASEMAN | 03. Mai 2019

I loaded up this morning at $244 and I'm stoked! I had bought previously at $260 and sold at $350. I LOVE MY CAR AND I LOVE TSLA STOCK!!

rcarrigg | 03. Mai 2019

Here is my approach to TSLA: buy as much as you possibly can and be ready to hold for 5+ years. We will all do very, very well.

rhj | 03. Mai 2019

When do you buy ? When its on Sale.
234-238 was a sale.

Magic 8 Ball | 03. Mai 2019

You buy once a month, every month.

Mikael13 | 03. Mai 2019

Damn you guys are rich.... dropping 100k just like that. I’m thinking of just 10 shares. Lol

dgstan | 03. Mai 2019

Mikael - There's rich and then there's internet rich. If you hang around here much, you can tell who's for real and who's in their Mom's basement.