Looking for Advice

Looking for Advice

I originally drove a 2013 Model S. In December 2018, in order to take advantage of the Federal Tax Credit, I traded in my Model S for a Model X. My sales person promised me 3 years of free supercharging (which I have confirmation through text message), which has never been put on my car. I have tried for 5 months reaching out to my sales person and his manager. In the beginning, I would receive messages back saying that they are working on it, but for the past few months, no response. I've spoken with several customer support reps that all point me back to my sales associate.

I received an email from a customer support supervisor saying that my 2013 Model S was never set up for unlimited supercharging and because of that, I do not qualify for free supercharging on my Model X. Didn't all 2013 Model S's come with free unlimited supercharging? I know for a fact that I never paid for charging.

Has anyone else encountered this issue or a similar one? I'm trying to get this resolved out of principle. At this point, I'm tired of wasting time and energy looking for resolution and want nothing to do with this company.

Vawlkus | 02. Mai 2019

No, not all 2013 Model S had free supercharging. Back then it was an option you had to purchase.

There has NEVER been a case of getting any number of years of free supercharging. Either you can credits for X miles, or you had free supercharging for the life of your vehicle, as long as you were the original owner.

aaron.shimizu8 | 02. Mai 2019

So can I assume that I had free supercharging on my Model S if when I purchased it, it explicitly stated that the car came with free supercharging and that I never paid for supercharging for as long as I owned that car?

Isn't that something they would have data around? My current Model X tracks every charge and amount paid.

jimglas | 02. Mai 2019

I have FUSC on both my cars. Supercharging never shows up on my acct, there is no record of my supercharging on my acct.

aaron.shimizu8 | 02. Mai 2019

That's how mine was on my Model S. What years are your Teslas? I'm struggling with how they are claiming that I've never had FUSC. They're saying that I don't qualify for free supercharging on my Model X because I never had free supercharging on my Model S.

jimglas | 03. Mai 2019

2018 MX, 2018 P3D-, both had deals for FUSC at time of purchase.

Redmiata98 | 03. Mai 2019

If you are trying to get whatever level of free SC you had on your S transferred to your X, it won’t transfer.

jjgunn | 04. Mai 2019

jimglas | May 2, 2019
I have FUSC on both my cars. Supercharging never shows up on my acct, there is no record of my supercharging on my acct.
Look under the "history" link.

If OP is supposed to have 3 years FUSC (never heard of that but ok) -- see if a manager in a Tesla showroom can call Operations to help you out.

jimglas | 04. Mai 2019

@jjgunn: my history is blank, I suspect because I have FUSC

jjgunn | 04. Mai 2019

I only have 2,000 miles SuperCharging on my P3D - now down to 1,770. Shows in history so you having none in history, makes sense.

bob | 04. Mai 2019

We have a dec ‘14 MS for which supercharging was an extra fee option. That option follows the vehicle till it dies. We also have a Sept ‘17 MX that came with FUSC that my wife an I get till we die (or sell the MX).

candy_sr | 14. Mai 2019

Guys, need some advice on deciding which car is better to get. I’ve placed an order for new / refresh Model X SR on 4/27, still no VIN until now. I’ve seen some inventory new LR (old drivetrain / suspension) going for same price as my current order (same configuration 7 seats except for black ext paint).

Should I switch my order to an inventory 100D instead of getting the new refresh X SR for the same price? I plan on keeping the car for a long time.

Vawlkus | 14. Mai 2019

Only you can really answer that.

What are you looking to do with your X? Long travel off the sc network? Towing boats around? Just around town commuting? Etc. way too many variables we don’t know.

Look at what your going to do, look for the options you want, and go with the car that fills that need.

candy_sr | 14. Mai 2019

@Vawlkus it’ll be mostly for daily commute and SR is more than enough. Feeling just really unsure if the refresh models is worth the 10k more than the inventory ones. | 14. Mai 2019

@aaron.shimizu8 - To be a bit clearer - all S85's in 2013 had free Supercharging. All S60s in 2013 had Supercharging as a $2,000 option. S40s (very limited) were not allowed to get Supercharging unless they bought the software unlock (all S40s had a 60 kW battery), and then paid $2,000 for Supercharging.

You didn't state what S you had (S40/60/85) so it depends!

Due to some confusion by Tesla on the initial $2,000 pricing, a few of the earliest S60 owners got Supercharging for $1,000 in January 2013. I'm not aware of any S60s that got it for free.

Vawlkus | 15. Mai 2019

I would go with the refreshed model, just because it’ll have the latest tech in it. Is it worth the money? I can’t answer that.