Steering Wheel Lights Flickering

Steering Wheel Lights Flickering

2015 MS 85D, software 2019.12.1.1.

First noticed the indicator lights on the steering wheel flickering when I got upgraded to software 2019.8.2. Since there were so many issues around the early 2019 software releases, I really didn't worry about it much. Got upgraded to 2019.12.1.1 several days ago and issue went away....until this morning. Especially noticeable in the garage where it is dark. Typically occurs immediately upon entering the car while it is "starting" up (seat moving/steering wheel positioning, etc.) but continues after all that is done. Also seems to occur at times while car is moving. Usually goes away after a few minutes.

Any ideas? Flickering really reminds me of a network traffic indicator, i.e. the lights on an Ethernet port.,_MI

Bighorn | 08. Mai 2019

I’d try rebooting to see if it helped.

bryan.hopkins | 08. Mai 2019

I've done the "hold down the scroll buttons"; "hold down the scroll buttons while in park with brake pedal depressed"; and the "hold down both buttons above the scroll buttons". Sometimes this will clear up the issue for several days, other times it comes right back.

It doesn't seem to impact anything. Exterior/interior lights are all behaving as expected. If nothing else, I wish the flickering would be in-time with the music. Then it could be claimed as a feature.

sr.smr | 08. Mai 2019

I notice all the dash lights flicker in unison on rare occasion. I suspect it is related to the auto light sensor. I have not tried it, but set the brightness to a fixed level rather than auto and see if that cures the problem. If anyone knows where the sensor is located, maybe I'll clean the area as a test.

Silver2K | 09. Mai 2019

Bryan, there are 2 screws in back of steering wheel. Remove and check connection.

Be careful.

bryan.hopkins | 09. Mai 2019

sr.smr - I did try setting the lights to a fixed level and the flickering continued.

Silver2k, thank, I'll take a look.

One other question that dawned on me today on my drive in to work. Are the indicators supposed to be lit when the headlights are on? I know it is a silly question, but I've only owned the car since Dec 2018 (purchased used) and in all that time, I can't recall seeing those indicator lights lit up (other than flickering). Now, to be honest, most of my driving has been in the dawn to dusk and full daylight time of the day so may just have not noticed it. But, this morning was dark and gloomy and my headlights were on. I cupped my hands over the indicators to make it darker and they didn't appear to be lit up.

bryan.hopkins | 13. Mai 2019

Chickened out on removing the two screws and poking around the steering wheel. My luck, I'd inadvertently fire the airbag. Instead, scheduled a service appointment to have it looked at.

Bighorn | 13. Mai 2019

Not sure if you know, but you can turn them off in the menu. Default on mine was off.

bryan.hopkins | 15. Mai 2019

Bighorn, where in the menu is the control? Would be interesting to try flipping the control to see if that clears up the issue.

Bighorn | 15. Mai 2019

Controls/Lights/Steering Wheel Lights (scroll down)

bryan.hopkins | 16. Mai 2019

Bighorn, I don't have that on my controls, or am I looking in the wrong spot?,_MI

Bighorn | 16. Mai 2019

I guess it’s unique to the 3. I don’t remember it being an option on the S, though I haven’t looked.

murphyS90D | 16. Mai 2019

I have never seen that option on either of the model S cars I have owned.

bryan.hopkins | 16. Mai 2019

Ok, thanks for the input Bighorn and murphys90D. I've got a service appointment scheduled for the end of May and will update when they give me more information.