Forum frustration

Forum frustration

Is it just me, or does this forum suck with regard to ease-of-use? As you might be able to tell from my from name, I am a fan of the Buffalo Bills. As such, I spend way too much time posting on Bills message boards. The Tesla board is severely lacking, and it amazes me that some pissant Bills message board makes this board look like a 1983 1200 baud text only message board.

I posted a question on the message board yesterday, and had to scroll down three pages just to look for replies.

Why is there no personal profile to check for posts you have responded to? Why is there no PM function? Why is there no reply function? Why is there no search function?

Mr. Musk, please make this message board more (or at least somewhat) usable to most of us who get frustrated trying to navigate its ancient (and should-be extinct) format.


Baywood | 09. Mai 2019

Long due for a refresh; stopped using this forum because of a couple of your points, ie, notifications and search

BuffaloBillsFan | 09. Mai 2019

Thanks Baywood. Seriously, is no one else pissed off about the ancient format we have to use here?

Dramsey | 09. Mai 2019

Everyone is pissed off, and complaints about this forum software have been ongoing since, oh, 2012 or so. It's easily the worst forum software in the world, and Tesla's actually _removed features it used to have_, such as the ability to post images.

Nobody knows why it's so horrible or why Tesla refuses to do anything about it. Any reasonably competent programmer could set up a vastly superior forum using software like VBulletin in an hour or so.

BuffaloBillsFan | 09. Mai 2019

Thanks, Dramsey.

Keep posting here, and maybe they will get the impression that Tesla’s most ardent fans hate the hell out of their message boards. I will be looking for other Tesla message boards myself. Any suggestions? | 10. Mai 2019

If you think the General forum is bad, don’t open the Tesla Energy Products forum. That one is nearly worthless as it only lists the topic. Miserable format.

Earl and Nagin ... | 10. Mai 2019

The fact that you replied hurts the credibility of your post :-)
To the OP: I actually prefer this format to most of the others. But, then I'm kind of apathetic to the Buffalo Bills unless they're playing Dallas (in which case, they're my favorite team). :-)
To each his own, I guess.

reed_lewis | 10. Mai 2019

I actually prefer the simply layout and lack of crap on the page. I have used forums where there are a lot of animated pictures, signature lines, etc. and it makes the content to noise ratio much lower. Of course I am the one who runs my windows machines with the small start button and turns off all animations because they waste time when using your computer.

It is the content of the web page I care about, not the crap around the content. | 10. Mai 2019

I sort of like the way it is too. Many forums are stuffed with ads, spam (which appears here on occasion too), and stupid photos. There are other private Tesla forums, but these have there own issues that you may find you hate a lot more. I'm not saying it could be better, but at least it's not moderated to death like most other car companies, where you never hear a complaint or anything slightly negative. The downside for this forum is some FUD leaks in from shorters and general Tesla haters. No perfect solutions exists.

For searching, there are a number of good solutions: including one you can integrate wtih the forum if you use Chrome.

Dramsey | 10. Mai 2019


The only Tesla forums of note are this one-- despite its lack of search, notifications, styled text, images, PMs, etc.-- and Tesla Motors Club. (

BuffaloBillsFan | 10. Mai 2019

Thanks Dramsey!