Brake suggestions

Brake suggestions

My S needs a new set of brakes all 4, any good shops around in Bay Area , tia | 14. Mai 2019

Don't have an idea on a shop. Rare to hear of need for new brakes. How many miles?

kingkoti | 14. Mai 2019

156k, Elon mentioned when I bought the car, brakes covered in annual service, apparently not :-)

jordanrichard | 14. Mai 2019

Ummm, you are consuming things. No car company warranties brake pad wear. It is a wear and tear item. Also, during the annual services the brake pads would be replaced if needed, but the annual services are not a warranty item.

Also, you must be a very aggressive driver and/or have the regen set to Low because I am at 154,000 and still have my original pads.

Lastly, Elon spoke with you and told you that?

Bighorn | 14. Mai 2019

I’ve only used 1mm of pad in well over 200k miles. Something sounds amiss. A bad caliper consumed one of them. Are you down to the metal warning indicator?

redacted | 14. Mai 2019

OP may decelerate as I accelerate. That would explain it.

kingkoti | 14. Mai 2019

I was just kidding referring to Elon, I remember some article, that brakes are in the service plan, Unfortunately no brake warnings just hear metal grinding sound, no squeaking

bishoppeak | 14. Mai 2019

Autopilot seems to use the brakes a lot, could be a factor

Bighorn | 14. Mai 2019

Oh, the indicator is an obnoxious grinding sound. Still can’t comprehend how you managed it. Pads have always been a wear item. Why wouldn’t you just use your service center? How many miles? Are you on low regen, living on some mountaintop?

kingkoti | 14. Mai 2019

Not mountain top but small hills, plus a lot of stop and go traffic of 156k, service center quoting 2100$ for the set

kingkoti | 14. Mai 2019

It’s a 2013 ms so no AP, regen set to highest, only fronts are grinding. Service guys probably playing safe to replace all | 14. Mai 2019

@jordanrichard - Actually Tesla does warrant brake pads (unlike other automakers). It's covered within the 4 year 50K warranty. Obviously with 156K miles, it's outside the warranty.

@kingkoti - Congrats on getting to 156K miles!

@Bighorn - Lots of factors on brake wear - sounds like you use regen as much as possible (as I do). I can see someone uses the brakes all the time instead of mostly regen causing a lot more brake wear. Some track time would be even worse. 150K miles for a set of brakes seems reasonable to me though- but getting 200K miles with 1 mm of wear is amazing!

Bighorn | 14. Mai 2019

Service usually has brake pad thicknesses appended to the service email. I’d be curious to see the plot over the lifetime of the car. I wouldn’t replace rear pads/rotors if they don’t need it.

kingkoti | 15. Mai 2019

@Bighorn, jordanrichard, teslatap thanks for responses and glad to see you guys (old timers) around forums, I used to be an avid forum reader during 2012 - 2013 when I was waiting for my delivery