Suggestion for Tesla after replacing autopilot 2/2.5 modules

Suggestion for Tesla after replacing autopilot 2/2.5 modules

A suggestion, I suspect that all of these cards will be scrapped, why not make them available to the hobbyist community as an incentive to help AI research get started? Kind of like an AI Raspberry PI. I'd buy one for a small amount of money if necessary.

EVRider | 14. Mai 2019

Didn’t you already post this suggestion somewhere? No need to start a new duplicate thread, just bump the old one.

Dramsey | 15. Mai 2019

Because they’re a weird form factor, require water cooling and specialized power connections, and in general would be almost impossible for all but the most dedicated and hardware-knowledgeable hobbyist to make any use of. Furthermore, don’t expect any support whatsoever from NVidia.

It’s much simpler to just buy an NVidia graphics card for a PC and use that. NVidia has tons of information and resources here:

andy.connor.e | 15. Mai 2019

Because i dont support Tesla giving away one of their most valuable components in their vehicles.