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Air b n b

Any recommendations for Air b n b's that have chargers or access to power while staying with them? Can be any state but I am planning a trip from Florida to Maine with a stop at Richmond, VA and Portland, Me.

EVRider | 14. Mai 2019

There are plenty of superchargers along that route, so you don’t really need to use destination or other charging options. There’s an EV Hotels app that can help find hotels with charging, but I don’t know about Airbnb’s.

-TheJohn- | 14. Mai 2019

Tesla and AirBnB tipped their toes into putting Tesla Chargers at some of them. Insofar as I know they only did it in a very small amount of places in California and haven't done much since dipping said toes.

Speaking as someone who is Head of Maintenance, Toilet Scrubbing and Bed Changing for the three we run I can tell you that while AirBnB has a spot on a properties description for you to put that you have an EV charger it doesn't have the ability for you the User to search for properties that have them. Which is some BS imho.

Please crank at them for not having such a search function! We'd love to have a guest in an EV stay with us and use our charger here in Tucson!

Ross1 | 15. Mai 2019

Mine has one but it would be the long way round.

gmr6415 | 15. Mai 2019

@Ocala.Joe, I rented and AirBNB in Asheville, NC for the Holidays. Not that you would go to that one, but I asked the owner if he had an accessible outlet, and if he minded me plugging in. I looked up the electrical rates in that area, calculated the cost and informed him, which came out to about $0.70 per night since it was a 110 outlet. I offered to pay the extra. He laughed at the amount and said to go ahead and plug in. I carried a heavy gauge 15A extension cord with me and all worked out. I was getting enough additional mileage to cover my daily trips, so I didn't have to visit the local supercharger.

I also found quite a few free destination chargers in the area at restaurants and public parking lots.

NEKEV | 15. Mai 2019

A nice spot in Vermont that has one:

Also puts you near a bunch of fantastic breweries, if that's your thing. Including Lost Nation, my favorite in Vermont:

EVRider | 15. Mai 2019

@Ocala.Joe: If you still want to use destination or other local charging options, since you know where you want to stay (Richmond and Portland), it shouldn’t be hard to figure out where you can charge using PlugShare and then correlate those locations with Airbnb locations.

Ocala.Joe | 15. Mai 2019

Thanks all for your replies, and -TheJohn- I did as you asked and sent feedback to the ABNB site to add EV friendly to their search options, maybe if we have a good amount of us sending those requests it may just happen.
I will call some of the hotels in the areas I will stay to see if they have destination chargers, @ EVRider, yes I do realize the superchargers are on the route but I will appreciate to skip one charger as my car charges while I sleep, but if I do the supercharger I will stop for coffee and breakfast if something is near by. Thanks for everyone's input.

M3BlueGeorgia | 15. Mai 2019

If the AirBnb place has a 120v outside socket, you might be able to use it, but my experience in Florida is they generally don't. However, carrying an extension is always worthwhile, plus some small warning cones in case you have to cross a walkway.

While on vacation you have to plan on relying on Superchargers, which is probably the reason there are (relatively speaking) so many Superchargers in Florida, or occasionally on Destination chargers in parking lots.

PhillyGal | 15. Mai 2019

We stayed in an AirBnb in Portland, ME back when there were so few superchargers, we had to use an extension cord out the second floor window. I wouldn't even worry about it anymore.

But I do love your suggestion to get Airbnb to add EV charging to their search criteria.

cajunblaze | 04. Juli 2019

I'm setting up an Airbnb in Colorado. 4 bedroom home. Should have it ready by August. Will have Tesla charging with garage parking. Will link here if allowed once ready.

Ross1 | 04. Juli 2019

Tesla Australia were very happy to supply me a Destination Charger for my Airbnb, which is just one cottage, On The Beach. They supplied the equipment and it took less than $200 to instal it. I run 32 amps 240 volt single phase.
Not that anyone uses it, but that is my contribution to the cause. It shows up on Plugshare. Someone has to start the ball rolling: no infrastructure = no cars.

-TheJohn- | 04. Juli 2019

That's very cool they're still doing that in places. We went with a 14-50 plug so as to allow non Tesla EVs to charge. Not that we've had any but we're ready!