New design model X

New design model X

I am an early adopter of the model X, having purchased a signature P90D back in 2016. At the time, the range was not too much of a factor and I hoped the battery technology would advance to the point where a retrofit would be possible to get more miles per charge. Three years later, I was contacted by a Tesla sales individual to possibly trade in my X for a new design X with greater range, quicker performance, and the ability for fully autonomous driving. Here are my issues with taking this step:
1. I would lose lifetime free supercharging
2. The color is no longer available (signature red)
3. They would only give me $58000 on a trade in for a car with only 22000 miles towards the purchase of a new X that has fewer features.

If it was possible, I would really prefer to upgrade my battery capability and also get the front motor replaced with the same one currently available on the model 3. I know this would not give me the ability for fully self driving but, I have that on my model 3 when the system is updated (having already paid for the option).

When I bring these preferences to Tesla personnel, it goes no where.

Does anyone on this forum have any ideas?

jimglas | 15. Mai 2019

keep your car, or trade it in
those are your options
I would keep it

mathwhiz | 15. Mai 2019

You also have the option of selling your Model X outright, to a private party, to get better value for your vehicle.

I agree that the loss of unlimited free Supercharging is painful for those that enjoy long trips. And any thought of getting Tesla to upgrade the battery pack assembly or swap-in a Model 3 drive unit is a fantasy, I'm afraid.


bp | 16. Mai 2019

Unless there is a critical new feature, trading in an S/X for a newer model probably won't make much sense economically.

Vehicles will depreciate roughly 25% in value per year. 2018 and earlier S/X will also take a hit on depreciation because of the price decrease earlier this year.

If Tesla really wanted to encourage current owners to upgrade to newer S/X vehicles, they'll have to do much more than require them to purchase a performance model (for an additional $10K, with less range) just to get free Ludicrous mode (which doesn't provide any benefit for normal driving).

As an alternative to free Ludicrous, they'd get more current owner interested if they focused more on selling new standard or long range models - perhaps by adding free unlimited supercharging, including free FSD, adding free maintenance for the first 50K miles/4 years, …

But even then, the math works against them - because the depreciation makes a trade-in pretty expensive for owners who've purchased S/X in the last few years.

Redmiata98 | 16. Mai 2019

There is a small VIN range that were “transitional” vehicles which allowed the battery upgrade from 90 to 100 at a price. These were at the end of the 90 factory run and before the start of the 100. Given that yours is an early edition (like mine - Dec “15 build) I doubt your VIN is in that very narrow range and unfortunately your vehicle is not eligible for the battery upgrade. You SHOULD be able to get a definitive answer on your vehicle’s applicability from Tesla, as I did. If you are not successful by your means, try going to your owner page and send them the question through that option.
My vehicle has AP1 (which is sufficient minus the Nanny-nag) and although I would like the extended range provided by the 100, with the increased number of SC stations now the 90 is acceptable if inconvenient.
Tesla continues to advance and will continuously improve its vehicles coming out if the factory. If you can afford it, you can continually buy the latest and greatest one. I will run my current P90L until it has major costly functional problems and then perhaps look at replacing it. My X is still way ahead of all other non-Tesla vehicles on the market now. Enjoy your ride, hopefully your smile has not yet faded!

Yiayiafroumis | 16. Mai 2019

Thanks for the comments. We have decided to keep our signature X and will not either sell it or trade for a new one. The economics and features prohibit us taking that step. In the mean time, we still enjoy both our Teslas and have a smile on our faces every time we go anywhere.

AnonymousEV | 16. Mai 2019

> 1. I would lose lifetime free supercharging

We're keeping the car as a family hauler/road trip until it (if) falls apart. If we can do 500k on it, the car will basically be free in fuel savings at 4.50 gallon. With tension in middle east, $62/barrel won't be here for long.

If oil prices go crazy, you could get a nice premium on private party sale then.

sschaem | 17. Mai 2019

I was in a similar situation and opted to not buy a 2019 Model X solely based on Tesla trade in price.

The new suspension was extremely tempting to me, but the trade in value Tesla offered was a ripoff.

Tesla was going to make over $30,000 in profit off my MX trade in (I check Tesla used inventory to compare what Tesla sell the car for, compared to what they offered me)

Tesla is artificially destroying the car trade in value to increase its own resell profit.

But how does that benefit Tesla as a company ?
Yes, they might get an extra $10k on the resell by giving low ball offers to Tesla owners trade in.
But it seem that they lose a lot more when the Tesla owner refuse to do the upgrade.
In my case they could have sold a brand new P100DL plus made an additional $20,000 on the trade in.

sschaem | 18. Mai 2019

Update... it seem that Tesla F*U* . They use blue book for the trade in value, but they dont configure the car.
So you get the value with no options whatsoever.

I'm still trying to figure this out after 3 weeks. Very hard to talk to anyone at Tesla.

Sad to see how bad Tesla handle the sale process of $150,000 cars.... I get better service buying a freaking box of cereal. | 21. Mai 2019

If someone puts 22,000 miles on a car in 3 years, it sounds like they aren't using the car for road trips. This diminishes the value of free supercharging.

We have a 2016 X90D. We have decided to refrain from road trips in the X since we added a Model 3 RWD LR early last year. We prefer the 3 for road trips, despite paying for supercharging, because we make 1/3 fewer charging stops than with the X and the charging stops are about 1/3 shorter. I consider a 600 mile day to be a full one. This can be accomplished in about 2 hours less time in the 3. That is a big difference for safety and comfort.

The X is great for driving around town. Without the added air friction of highway driving it is not unusual to average under 290 watt hours per mile. The car is easier to get in and out of, an important consideration for multi-stop errands. It is comfortable, quiet, agile and safe. Despite the absence of folding second row seat, it has enough storage capacity for our needs.

Our intention is to eventually downsize to one car, a Model Y that we feel will surpass the Model 3 in comfort and utility while coming close to matching its efficiency. The Model 3 plus the Model X should bring in enough to pay for the Y.

I am 82 by the way.

Triggerplz | 21. Mai 2019

O@George 82 and still going strong what a blessing If I make it to 82 hopefully I’ll be looking forward to a new vehicle too and not in a nursing home looking forward to apple sauce day :-)

Uncle Paul | 22. Mai 2019

Tesla often gets bids from resellers or looks at current Manheim auction prices to determine a trade in offer. They they must discount any reconditioning and transportation fees plus some profit for them doing the deal. Makes their offers kinda low, but they are not able to offer full retail that you could possibley get by selling yourself on the open market.

Uncle Paul | 22. Mai 2019

I am counting on Autopilot to keep getting better, so that when my driving skill begin to deteriorate the Autopilot will be able to get me several years of additional driving.

poloX | 25. Mai 2019

For 3 years and you only have 22k miles...what do you need SC for? I would either keep it or sell it by myself and get a new X with much more features now. I can't believe your X has more features than the current new X. Yours has 1 single camera and no AP. How could that have more features???

poloX | 25. Mai 2019

oops, sorry, I meant no EAP, you might have AP but no EAP..

info | 27. Mai 2019

Teslas with free transferable supercharging that have 2.0 are the unicorns of the fleet. If you had a refrigerator that magically replenished an unlimited amount of food for free, would you sell it to get an updated optioned out refrigerator that doesn't magically produce food? I didn't think you would. My Model X equipped with the above mentioned will be mine till forever.