2019.16.1 2133a1f rolling out..

2019.16.1 2133a1f rolling out..

i am not an early access. will post info when it finishes. i have reported a lot of bugs on 12.1.2 through the audio report bug if they even look at that

this is the earliest i've even gotten an update.

billlake2000 | 16. Mai 2019

I see one instance on on 5/16

EVRider | 16. Mai 2019

I just received 2019.16.1 in my Model S. TeslaFi ( reports 113 deployments as I write this.

See my latest reply to this thread in the General forum or more details:

M3D | 16. Mai 2019

:) That was me I think @billlake I got it about an hour or so ago. The animation is different and the new sentry icon is on the screen when you go into park. Short drive, but nothing huge stood out. It looks like the proximity sensor eyebrows are thicker and go to red when you get too close. The image on screen of the car looks different to me but I may not be remembering the old one properly. I noticed that this vehicle is animated with highlights that move, etc.

creativeguy | 16. Mai 2019

Teslafi shows that this is going out to the masses.

rchau28 | 16. Mai 2019

updating now

WantMY | 16. Mai 2019

Yey, could not wait to put this bug fest to test. Keep up your QA effort for wise folks who knows how to wait for the right moment, lol

RichardKJ | 16. Mai 2019

I got 16.1.1 on my Model S this morning (was 12.1.1). Still 12.1.2 on the 3.

dmanincali | 16. Mai 2019

Have an update waiting to be installed on my MX and am assuming it's 16.1.1. Will install it when I get home. No notification for my M3 yet but then again it hasn't been on wifi all day.

EVRider | 16. Mai 2019

16.1.1 is only going to S and X cars with HW1 or no Autopilot hardware. All other cars are getting 16.1.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 16. Mai 2019

Interesting. My Software page said I had an update that would download as soon as I was on WiFi. Now that I’m on WiFi there is nothing on the Software page. Running 12.1.2.

sananpx | 16. Mai 2019

No I have M3 and got 2019.16.1 today afternoon.

Alset Srotom | 16. Mai 2019

Anyone on HW3 gotten this yet?

derotam | 17. Mai 2019

@creativeguy...I wouldn't say it's going to the masses just yet... when you see a day where >1000 people get it on TeslaFi, that would be more of an indication of mass rollout. :)

EVRider | 17. Mai 2019

@Neomaxizoomdweebie: Do you have the partial premium interior? I’ve never seen that message about WiFi so I assume you don’t have premium connectivity.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 17. Mai 2019

It's the full premium interior. December build MR. I usually never look at the Software page but happened to look while at a stoplight. No big deal. I'll be patient.

calvin940 | 17. Mai 2019

Got this version last night. Setup my default auto-on sentry with the exception set for Home.

aperfectecho | 17. Mai 2019

Would love to see some pictures of the new update-like any of the newer animations/icons

stephenfootball | 17. Mai 2019
CharleyBC | 17. Mai 2019

Thanks, @stephenfootball! Looks nice. We still have dancing cars, though.

aperfectecho | 17. Mai 2019

Thank you!

EVRider | 17. Mai 2019

@Neomaxizoomdweebie: Your car shouldn't require WiFi to get updates (unless it's a map update), so I'm a bit puzzled by the message you saw. Premium connectivity (which you have) includes software updates over LTE, though WiFi improves your chances of getting them sooner.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 17. Mai 2019

It was probably map data, then.

Kahn | 18. Mai 2019

had emergency lane departure go off. incorrectly..
coming around a corner on a road by our house one lane splits into two, so no real need for turn signal.. left lane is left turn or straight right is rt turn only. I was not on autodrive as i turned it off before there as it new i was turning.. tried to go into the right lane when the lane split and it went nuts and tried to steer me back.. i braked and was able to override.. i did a bug report through the car. it sucks that it re-enabled automatically every time as this is going to be a problem as i go on that road a lot.

see map right where stonehenge rd comes into mammath rd it suddenly has an extra lane to turn right!8m2!3d42.8982652!4d...

also first real reboot on 16.1 when left concert to come home on starting up said cruse unavailable.. not sure why cars were in the display.. did reboot while driving which fixed it.