Minnesota Winter Tires

Minnesota Winter Tires


I got my M3 a few weeks ago (awesome so far...obviously...) and wanted to get a jump on winter tires, since I'm assuming Tesla will sell out of parts about the time everyone is buying winter tires. For now I have the Model 3 long range dual motor (NOT performance) with the 19" wheels and stock tires. I'm not a fan of "all season" (reality no season) tires, so at some point I'll have winter and summer tires, but for now I'll have winter and "all season" tires.

I am torn between 2 different options so I am looking for opinions:

Option 1) Buy 19" winter tires to go on the existing wheels. Next summer I'd then buy a new set of 19" rims (something a little more different than the stock rims, TBD what) so I'd have a full tire / rim set for summer / winter. Since the 19" rims are white I feel that works well with all of the snow and salt that'll be on there, so I'd likely go black for summer.

Option 2) Buy the 18" Aero wheels from Tesla to be used as the winter wheels.

There are two questions built in to there. First, is there a big difference in 18" vs 19" for winter driving - and if so what is the difference? Second, I am worried the aero wheels will be hard to clean snow out of (my garage is not heated, so snow will not melt, ever), so I'd end up taking the caps off likely.

The other question, regardless of rim size I am looking at buying the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 tires. IMO Nokian makes hands down the best winter tires, but one model 3 specific question I Have is they are only rated to 112mph. I won't be going anywhere near that speed, so is there any reason to care / does that impact anything going normal speeds?


howard | 17. Mai 2019

I bought 18" Wheels from TireRack and Michelin X-Ice from Costco. Costco mounted and balanced for me. Nitrogen lifetime rotation and balance. Really like the setup. I have run both the Nokian and Michelin. I lean toward Michelin. A good bit cheaper than the Tesla route.

coleAK | 17. Mai 2019

There are way more tire options in an 18. I tried to purchase an extra set of 18 aero wheels From Tesla with no luck. I ended up using the aero wheels for winter tires and getting another of rims from tire rack for summer. Now I think you would have pretty good luck finding a set of aeros that somone took off that are lightly used at a deal.

jschnoorg4 | 17. Mai 2019

I ran Nokian R3s on 18s with aero caps all winter on my LR RWD in Michigan without any issues. I felt more confident than my old awd forester with R2s. I never had issues with snow in the wheels in my unheated garage. Driving dynamics seemed about the same though the lack of acoustic foam was noticeable.

terry.k.morrow | 17. Mai 2019

I went from 20s summer to 18s for winter and thought my setup worked very well. Link here for setup info.”-winter-setup-p3d

terry.k.morrow | 17. Mai 2019

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ksrehman | 17. Mai 2019

I have LR AWD Non-P since September 2018. I bought a second set of 18" Aero wheels and TPMS sensors from Tesla and bought the Hakkapeliitta R3s online (simple tire). Tesla SC installed wheels and tires for me.

The Hakkapeliittas were outstanding in bad conditions last winter including unplowed snow, ice and slush. IMO the best studless winter tires available.

Agree with @coleAK that 18" wheels have many more tire options than 19" plus I feel more confident with a heavy car on winter potholed surfaces having more tire and more sidewall.

I didn't notice snow accumulating inside the aero wheels or under the aero caps but it did pile up in the wheel wells which would happen with any wheel choice.

ksrehman | 17. Mai 2019

I got up to 75 - low 80's on the highway with no issues and I can't imagine wanting to do 100+ in winter conditions so the speed rating is not an issue under normal circumstances.

msmith55 | 18. Mai 2019

Keep in mind that the 18" tires are much better for pot holes and ice chucks on the road, so if you have second set of rims, it would be better for winter use!