Just wondering if anyone has a new SW update yet?

gmr6415 | 21. Mai 2019
hokiegir1 | 21. Mai 2019

It looks like 16.2 is starting to hit some 3's today where 16.1 has been stalled for awhile. I wouldn't call it a wide rollout --but there is some movement happening.

VoltAir | 21. Mai 2019

Just updated to 16.2 No idea what is in there

aperfectecho | 21. Mai 2019

Just got 16.2 overnight. Really like the new animations. Not sure about any other improvements, but Sentry Mode update (can have it auto) and ability to opt-in for new software is nice

sky-pilot | 21. Mai 2019

You know, I gotta say while I really like my TM3, it's kinda scary knowing that at ANY time someone could in fact take control of my car by merely downloading new SW.

gmr6415 | 21. Mai 2019

@sky-pilot, are you referring to Tesla taking control of your car or someone else?

If you are speaking of someone else, Teslas use VPN, which is not foolproof but a great protection. It would make it very difficult for someone to get into the control system remotely. It's also my understanding; although, I'm not positive, that every execution in Tesla software includes an encrypted Tesla signature suffix that must be validated or the computer won't process it. That would be extremely difficult to overcome.

JAD | 21. Mai 2019

@sky-pilot, welcome to 2019. Most new cars 'could' be hacked these days, at least Tesla knows a bit about software security. i would be much more concerned about a GM product being hacked (or a Jeep, google Jeep Hacked) as they do not understand software security.

bcb2220 | 21. Mai 2019

ditto what he said and i have a friend that works at Tesla engineering dept. there's an AI that copies all the protection layer on itself incase there's a "breach" but it'll be real hard to breach into

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 21. Mai 2019

You can but “The Club”. If the wheel won’t turn the hacker can’t drive your car. So at least there’s that.

kylecranston986 | 12. Juni 2019

If you want to access Tesla from china you can use hk vpn( with hongkong ip.