Sentry triggers when owner unlocks car using door handle & phone key

Sentry triggers when owner unlocks car using door handle & phone key

This seems wasteful since each time the car is legitimately unlocked another several minutes of video (X3 cameras) are stored on the USB drive. 2019.12.1.2

Kary993 | 22. Mai 2019

Yes. I assume in the future they will alter that so when an owner with a phone is approaching and opens the door the sentry will disregard.

twistedskipper | 22. Mai 2019

I have never noticed a "sentry event" whose time stamp matches my return to the car, so I'm not so sure this is actually happening, not to me anyway. I also have not gotten sentry events every time I return to the car, so it certainly is not always happening.

apodbdrs | 22. Mai 2019

I have no problem with it, as a matter of fact I like it. It is just a basic motion sencing feature that should capture anyone getting too close to the car. I know what time I opened the car, so I can just ignore or view any viedo footage at that specific time. However if there is video for another time, then I really look it very close.

calvin940 | 22. Mai 2019

This happens to me too.

Kary993 | 22. Mai 2019

I have recordings of me approaching and opening the door when not at home as I use the Stats geographic sentry setting.

EVRider | 22. Mai 2019

Same thing happens to me when I approach my Model S with a key fob but don’t unlock it first. Although it seems wasteful, just because a phone key or key fob is in range doesn’t mean the person approaching the car is the owner. They would need face recognition for that. :-) | 22. Mai 2019

This might become useful if someone stole your card key or phone and drive your car away. You would be glad that Tesla has the clip of that person in the cloud somewhere.

Kary993 | 22. Mai 2019

Good point!

jimglas | 22. Mai 2019

I look good on the big screen!

billlake2000 | 22. Mai 2019

I want the rear camera footage, but I suppose that makes me backwards.

ODWms | 22. Mai 2019

God forbid anyone ever gets mugged upon entering the car, it'll probably be a welcome action to have a recording of the event.