Saw a Model 3 Uber today...

Saw a Model 3 Uber today...

First one that I have seen, do all of you see many model 3 Uber/Lyft's?

Mike83 | 22. Mai 2019

I think I saw one in San Diego on our trip down there last month. Seems like a great business esp. in areas like San Diego where there is so much traffic.

hokiegir1 | 22. Mai 2019

We use ours for lyft. Primarily hubby driving, but I do from time to time as well.

I also had a driver when I was in Pleasanton, CA last week with a brand new SR.

Mike83 | 22. Mai 2019

hokiegir1 Do you like doing it and does it pay well?

-TheJohn- | 22. Mai 2019

I drive mine for Lyft and have since last September. It's get rich super slow but I'm doing it mainly to be an EVangelist so it's ok and helps to defray the costs a bit.
It's definitely shown me that all uber/lyft drivers are getting screwed over economically though. Depending upon the market they're taking more than 50% of the money. Plus there was some sort of mental shift from Taxis to rideshare apps that made folks think tipping is unnecessary. Don't tip? Get 4's and watch your profile go down you cheapo passengers.

Mike83 | 22. Mai 2019

Perhaps Tesla could set up a PRE-Tesla Net prior to FSD. Might be a better take and client screening.

terminator9 | 22. Mai 2019

@-TheJohn- I remember Uber specifically saying for years that no tipping was needed in the ride-share model. For example you don't tip a waiter in Europe model but you do in US. It was years later that they even added the option in the app. I only used to tip if the driver got out of the car to help with the bags/luggage or was extra friendly or something. The drivers always have an option to find a job where they are not relying on tips.

Looks like we will soon be in a place where something costs $5, then $5 tax, $5 delivery and $5 tip to make a $5 item $20. I love it when I travel to Europe where all this crap is included in ONE price.

hokiegir1 | 22. Mai 2019

@Mike - it's not bad. I'm a serious introvert, and trying to finish my masters (graduate in 2 months) while working full when I say occasionally for me, I mean about once a month, if that. ;)

Hubby has a goal of about $250 a week for himself, give or take, and generally makes it. He averages about $15/hour. He has some insomnia, so he often goes our from 10pm until 1 or 2 am. Fewer drunks (during the week, when he goes out more) and more waitstaff getting off work...and the occasional "escort" going to a job. ;) he enjoys it. Gets to talk to people, show off the car, drive. He works a commission-only independent consultant gig, so it helps fill in between sales and he can work around parent obligations.

We haven't had any REALLY crappy passengers yet. Most people love the car, so they try to be respectful of it. There's a thread around here somewhere where a couple of us gave our experience.

Mike83 | 22. Mai 2019

@hokiegir1 Thanks and congrats on your degree. The smartest individuals I know are Tesla owners. Transportation in the safest vehicle made should get many clients.

hokiegir1 | 22. Mai 2019

@Mike - Thanks! I'm very ready to be done. I work in the same field, so I pretty much have to think about research admin 24/7 for the last 2 years. :) And my sister in law is starting to work on her hubby for when they have to replace his car. My hubby (her brother) showed her the dash cam video after someone cut him off and the car reacted before he did. Their next car will be the one her kids stay learning in, so she's very interested in the safety features. Her hubby is quite frugal, so it's gonna be a tough sell, but we have time to work on him. :)

Mike83 | 22. Mai 2019

We also had several saves from erratic drivers on EAP. Amazing car.
Give him a test drive. That's all it took for us. Use your referral for 5000 miles l believe.

nylon | 22. Mai 2019

Having to think about tips is definitely not a convenience. It's hidden fees and false advertising.

kevin_rf | 22. Mai 2019

Wait, am I the only one that tips when I use an Uber or Valet?

Bulldawg | 23. Mai 2019

No, you're not kevin. I can't believe the number of cheapskates who refuse to tip.

I started to type out a rant but I deleted it. Suffice to say that many of those folks are out there hustling the only way they can (legally) and could really use an extra couple of bucks.

kevin_rf | 23. Mai 2019

But Bulldawg, the Tesla Uber driver would just spend the tip on electrons at the supercharger. Can't have them developing a dependence like that ;-)

andrew | 23. Mai 2019

The SR+ in the family is driven full time for uber/lyft to the tune of 3500 miles per month. Best car for it since fuel is only 1.9 cents per mile versus the 14 cents in a gas car.

jjgunn | 23. Mai 2019

@Kary993 -- where? Assuming CA? Bay Area?

I haven't seen any but in this thread seems we have a few

spuzzz123 | 23. Mai 2019

In Las Vegas, saw a Model 3 Uber pick up 2 couples at a casino. It looked like the upscale Uber option as the driver had a tux on and the the group of 4 were dressed to the 9s. I don't think they realized how small the model 3 was a tight squeeze, and probably not exactly the luxury experience they were shooting for.

Kary993 | 23. Mai 2019

@jjgunn - Downtown San Diego two days ago.......

eeb9 | 23. Mai 2019

I drive my 3 for Uber every now and then, mostly during rush hour around north Atlanta - it's a great way to introduce people to the car

rchau28 | 23. Mai 2019

I've considered driving my M3 occasionally for Uber/Lyft. However, have any of you noticed more wear & tear from ridesharing?

vmulla | 23. Mai 2019

I turn on Uber when commuting from back from DC to my home in NoVa, it's a little trick to help me get on HOV and get paid to get home sooner :) I probably influenced more people towards EVs doing this than all my other interactions combined. I'd say 80% of the passengers talk to me about the car, and 80% of the conversations end with passengers telling me 'you should work for Tesla'. Most conversations start with, 'how do you open the door?' :)

I agree with @-The John-, Uber is a difficult way to make a decent living, I feel for the drivers who have to do this for a living. The whole system needs an overhaul, it's basically preying on drivers in my opinion. The little experience I have changed my attitude towards service professionals in general.

eeb9 | 23. Mai 2019

@rchau28 - I drive about 6-8 hours per week max, and it's had zero impact on wear and tear. I'm actually driving fewer miles than my normal commute prior to my last move, and making enough to offset a big chunk of the combined car note and insurance.

I charge free at my apartment, so my actual operating expenses are close to zero - just tires and brakes for the most part

@vmulla - absolutely agree on the "how do you open the door" observation - more than 90% of the people I pick up have to be shown both how to get in *and* out...

Techy James | 23. Mai 2019

@rchau28, I use the Model 3 occasionally for Lyft. Most of my trips though are after I get off and just while I head home. Not really any extra wear and tear on car except obviously the extra miles.
With the Black and Black interior I have option to go LUX Black for max charge, but since I do this as more Brand experience to introduce people that might never heard of Tesla (Yes they do exist still) to the benefits of EV. I leave it in Mode for all options. To this day, I think I only had one were the fare was LUX option.
If your considering doing Lyft or Uber I do suggest getting one of the many options for Door Exit Labels from Amazon. I also recommend the 3D All Weather Floor Mats, they look good and are easy to clean.

For the complaints about the doing this for a Living, I feel you. I went with Lyft over Uber do to the fact that Lyft keeps less of the total fare meaning the drivers get a little more for same trip. As for the Tips, I am confused, I would say about 50% of the riders tip that I give rides. Maybe it's fact that if the select Lyft Normal, they get notice they was upgraded for no extra cost to Lyft Lux, or maybe it the conversation, who knows for sure. I have had plenty of times when the ride was say 3 or 4 dollars, but the tip with no prompt was 5 dollars.

hokiegir1 | 23. Mai 2019

We haven't noticed any additional wear and tear other than putting more miles on, so we'll likely need tires a little sooner. And yes -- opening the doors from both sides seem to be the biggest challenge. Hubby *just* ordered some decals, so we'll see if that helps. Would be nice to have something outside to show "push here" without looking awful -- but I'm pretty sure the 2 are mutually exclusive. ;)

rchau28 | 23. Mai 2019

@eeb9 @techyjames, thanks for your feedback.

cmh95628 | 23. Mai 2019

I only tip my Uber driver if there were no crashes. ;-) So far, always have been able to tip.

Mike83 | 23. Mai 2019

I would pay extra to ride in a Tesla. I really think Tesla should look into it as they are going with a Tesla Network anyway.
A safe quiet ride with no gas idling fumes is very attractive.

terminator9 | 23. Mai 2019

@vmulla - Can you pick and choose the destination of passengers? I would assume you would get a mix/random bag of people doing within DC, Virginia or Maryland? How do you ensure, they are going in the general direction towards your house? Do you sometimes end up ever further away from your office? I considered doing this but got discouraged by all these questions.

Vsanva | 23. Mai 2019

About $7k so far in revenue on the car using both apps.

Sometimes I get stubborn after I score a select or Lux airport run for $60+ and hold out for another ride when it’s really a time waste. All the rides are on X.

I am getting better about just taking all rides but never pool or shared. You are not penalized for ignoring a ride , only when you accept and then cancel.

Tips.... I tip all the time, folks are just cheap and it’s teally the fault of Uber and Lyft.

Folks keep the rides close (5 min or less travel to pax) and you save yourself the pain of those 2 block rides.

Not everyone is cheap, I had an awesome pax tell me and give me a $20 cash tip just because it was a Tesla.... so they are out there.

I still use my 10 yr old vehicle as my main U/L ride but the Tesla is a nice change up and besides... rideshare is paying for it.

vmulla | 23. Mai 2019

You can choose a destination in Uber. This is allowed 2 times a day. I set my destination as IAD at the end of the day. For me, most of the time the choice is between waiting until end of HOV hrs, paying HOV toll, or leveraging Uber 'trick'. I get lucky sometimes and make it home in 1hr, sometimes I have to do a couple of stops towards home - uber makes sure all rides are towards your destination, but it can happen in multiple stops. So its a hit/miss in terms of saving time - but under my circumstances, I'm not complaining when someone is paying me to get home.
Also, once I have a ride logged on my uber I'm a legit Uber for the day, and I can use the airport rd. Let me sweeten the deal even more - Uber sent me a statement at the end of the year with all the miles I drove for Uber - this includes all the miles driven while I had the app on - even the miles where I was seeking passengers. I could use those miles to write off depreciation on the car - @55c/mile - the depreciation I took was far greater than my earnings.
All that pales when you consider that this makes a tedious return commute after a tiresome day a fun experience.

hokiegir1 | 24. Mai 2019

@terminator9 - Lyft also allows "destination" rides up to 6 times a day. Hubby uses that to/from his parent's or sister's houses, who live about 30 miles from us. Basically, he's going there anyway, so he puts on destination mode and if he gets a ride, great, if not, no biggie. It's at least covered the gas when he's had to take the Santa Fe instead of the Tesla (we both have both cars added, and you just choose which you are using).

The one thing I wish the apps had was the ability to enter range limits for EVs -- whether they are "I'm starting with xx range and I want to stop with yy" or "I don't want trips that are more than xx miles away." Topping off isn't exactly the same as with an ICE, and sometimes rides will be added to your queue - and you don't get to see destinations until you pick the person up. This is where a Tesla partnership with one of the 2 existing companies (instead of reinventing the wheel) would be fantastic.

terminator9 | 24. Mai 2019

@vmulla, @ hokiegir1 - thats great! Thanks for the info, I think I will try it.