Could I get some help on how to go about charging my model 3 please? I've been charging everyday at 9pm to get the best rate possible on my southern California edison tier which is 22 cents from 9pm-8am. Is it safe to charge everyday or should I charge every other day? Driving 115 total miles a day to work and back, charge my battery to 90% which is 293 miles.


sky-pilot | 23. Mai 2019

Mine is plugged in every night and I've scheduled mine to charge between 10PM and 4AM. I'm in SoCal as well and set at 90%.

jordanrichard | 23. Mai 2019

A plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla. You are going to get all sort of methods/opinions, which only complicates things.

Plug in every day. Once you get into that habit, you will never be caught with your car sitting at a low SOC because you forgot to plug the car on "charging day".

spiderx1 | 23. Mai 2019

When I took delivery they advised me that the new standard was to charge to 90% unless going on a trip then charge to 100% prior to departing. I guess the previous guidance was 80%.

jordanrichard | 23. Mai 2019

The advice of going to 100% prior to a trip is outdated for most of the country by now. 5-6 years ago, sure, but not today. With the present and ever increasing density of supercharger locations, 90 and even 80% is plenty to get you down the road and in reach of a supercharger.

M3BlueGeorgia | 23. Mai 2019


Sounds like you are doing it right.

But crazy that your offpeak rate is 22 cents. Ouch. | 23. Mai 2019

Charge everyday is recommended. This way if the car needs electricity it can pull power from your house instead of the battery which will cause more wear and tear to the battery.

triton3 | 23. Mai 2019

If you're provider is SoCal Edison and if you have the ability to change your rate plan, look into TOU-D-Prime 'time of use' plan specifically for EV owners. Its 13cents from 9pm and 8am.

Jrisasaint | 23. Mai 2019


Do you know if they charge you more for daily basic charges?

Pepperidge | 23. Mai 2019

Move to Texas. 10c all time.

Buzzkill | 23. Mai 2019

Don't forget to apply for your $1000 SoCal Edison rebate while you are changing your Time of Use plan.

brianwdavis | 23. Mai 2019

Yeah, I have the TOU-D-Prime and pay 13 Cents in offpeak summer hours. 12 Cents for Winter OffPeak.

texxx | 23. Mai 2019

"Move to Texas. 10c all time."

Even better, move to Austin. :)

$25.00 for six months of "all you can eat" at any ChargePoint - and there are hundreds here.

Jrisasaint | 23. Mai 2019


What's your month bill if you don't mind me asking. I want to switch as well but they said I'll lost my monthly credit. Does it really make a difference and do you have solar?

lmorda2 | 23. Mai 2019

I try to charge mine like my phone, keeping it above 50% but not charging while it's fully charged ( I think it does that by default though). Basically plugging it in when not in use.

Mikael13 | 23. Mai 2019

I’m in NorCal and I have time of day use so it does not matter when I charge. However, to track usage, I always plug in but have scheduled charging at 11:00 pm. Tier 1 rate is $0.21775 and Tier 2 is $0.27402.

Cannot change to EV rates due to peak charges during the summer. I also work from home.

Damn PG&E is trying to make back the $800 rebate I got!! Crooks! :-)

cnsf | 23. Mai 2019

I wouldn't charge my battery over 80% unless going on a long trip with no superchargers along the way. 70%-80% max seems to be the general consensus for making sure you get the best life out of your battery.

Resist | 23. Mai 2019

When I picked up my Model 3, they told me charge to 70%, then Tesla later on said 80%. Recently though Elon Musk said charging to 90% (even 95%), is fine. I probably wouldn't go past 90% (unless for a long trip), because you lose regenerative braking.

mark | 23. Mai 2019

Anyone know what the Nema 14-50 plug is for? It plugs into the 240 outlet, but the other end of it - has a coupling I do not recognize and it does not connect to the other pieces in the cord bag.

texxx | 23. Mai 2019

It plugs into the Mobile Connector - the device with the cable that connects to the car. The various plugs n the bag are there to allow you to use different outlets for charging. If you already have one of the outlet adapters plugged into the mobile connector it may not be obvious that they unplug from the MC so you can use the one you need.

aasandsas | 24. Mai 2019

14c per kWh anytime anyday here. No TOU yet.

apodbdrs | 24. Mai 2019

I keep the charging adapter connected everyday in my garage to start charging at 10pm even if it is all already at my preset limit of 80%. I understand it keeps the system in a maintence state that helps the battery system.

You still have a chance to get 5,000 miles free charging for each referral to buy a TESLA! On May 28th it reverts to 1,000 miles free charging.

Techy James | 24. Mai 2019

@Mark if you remove the attached Adapter (Likely 115 adapter) from the Gen 2 Mobile Connector, then you can replace it with the Nema 14/50 adapter

kalalp | 24. Mai 2019

Here with So Cal Edison I have a small business TOU rate. During the day from 8am to 4pm the rate is 10.3 cents. Literally across the street where PGE territory begins the rate is 23 cents. They're getting roasted.

charles.a.ritchie | 24. Mai 2019

I get my power from SMUD in the Sacramento area. They have a special off-peak rate for EV owners between midnight and 6:00 am. It‘s just 0.07 per kWH. When you buy an EV they also have a cash rebate meaning power is essentially free for the first couple of years.